With a flying find: unexpected things to take on a plane

You already know what to put on the plane, but what is unobvious but necessary to take with you – in addition to the e-book and headphones – we will now tell you!

1. Lemon

A sure remedy for nausea, if you or your neighbor (and on the plane this is oh how it concerns you!) Suddenly gets sick! Do not expect that you can ask for a slice from the stewardess – especially if you fly with a low-cost airline! Carry all your things with you – you will then drink tea at the hotel!

2. Dry shampoo

And suddenly you did not have time to wash your hair before departure, you go on a plane, and in the next seat – He! No panic, you have dry shampoo! You sit in a hat for half an hour, and after takeoff – 5 minutes, and you are the queen! And if he also gets sick of it, and you – with a lemon – he has no chance at all!

3. Effervescent Vitamin C

Yes, you have a lemon, but you won’t eat a lot of it, and after an exhausting flight, the body will need doping! Dry interior air plus pressure drops and a sitting position will take away a lot of moisture from your body and provoke swelling. And vitamin C at the end of the flight is the best way to quickly restore water balance and return a healthy color to your face!

4. Protein Bars or Powder Energy Shake

Yes, they feed on the plane, but remember what! At best – rice or pasta with a small portion of meat or vegetables, at worst – a sandwich consisting of 70% white bread. In both the first and second cases, what will you do with all these carbohydrates on the plane? Your priest is not guilty of anything, do not make her then drag him to the gym once again! Divide yourself a protein shake safe for a figure and fly with a calm soul!

5. Compact stain remover

It is especially important if you are met at the airport and you need to be at your best. Anything can happen – the stewardess makes an awkward movement, pouring juice next to you, the child will eat chocolate on the next chair … Why do you need these nerves? A convenient stick will quickly correct any misunderstanding and save your mood!

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