What to wear this summer: "ugly" dress

On the eve of the May holidays and the first summer vacation, it is time to think about replenishing your wardrobe. Do not believe it, but this season the “ugly” dress – the “ugly” dress claims for the leadership in the summer closet – this is what the fashionable western press nicknamed him. In fact, this is a long volumetric dress, often with ruffles or frills, from simple fabric and a “village” retro print. Resembling those that we saw in black and white photographs of our grandmothers. We understand how to wear it to look relevant.

The publication of "Who What Wear" this spring made a post-study on how fashion has changed lately: fashion insiders advise to forget about the glamorous image of high-heeled Manhattan fashionistas, which were sung by the TV series "Sex and the City" and "Gossip Girl" . Today, the leading qualities of fashion-divs, which form a fashionable space, are irony (including over themselves), convenience (indispensable in the modern rhythm of life) and a return to basics.

Nowadays everything that seemed monstrously outdated back in our school years is in fashion – rough sandals, clumsy sneakers, bicycles, cargo pants, knitted vests and cardigans, as if inherited from a caring grandmother. All this from Western critics received the prefix "ugly" and … incredible respect. Now it's time for dresses in the style of the same "granny chic".

Such seemingly ugly dresses, worthy of Katya Pushkareva’s wardrobe of a famous TV series, served as work clothes at the beginning of the last century and then became a popular style of children's fashion. A little later, they evolved into the attire of peasant girls, their own nightgowns, and then settled down into ancient chests in the attic for many years. And now, it's time to get them.

We tell you how to wear an “ugly grandmother's dress” to look like a street style star.

With sneakers: comfort above all

The “ugly fashion” arose, among other things, because of the choice in favor of comfort and practicality, instead of elegance and sophistication, which always causes to “endure” some inconveniences. “Fashion requires sacrifice” is no longer the motto of modern style icons. That is why free retro dresses are most often combined with comfortable sneakers, adding a bow of irony. On the other hand, in the conditions of a hot summer only in such clothes you can walk a lot, move around the city, decide a lot of things, travel and not think about when it will finally be possible to get rid of it all and get into home pajamas with slippers .

With jeans: boho chic experiments

Another option to add a drop of grotesque to the image is to combine the dress with jeans. Moreover, it does not have to be minimalistic "skinny". Flared models are used, shortened, torn, in a patchwork style – in general, you have enough imagination to make the bow eclectic and a little bohemian. True, it is important to think over every element of the output – from shoes to earrings. But such a carefully done work with interest will pay off likes in instagrame.

With accessories from the 90s: ugly + ugly

The most courageous street-style divas, if they take the trend in circulation, beat it to the fullest. So, they interpret old-school grandmother's dresses not in the feminine retro-image of the “Turgenev girl”, but in the exaggerated bow of a fashion-geek, where the “ugly” dress is complemented by the “ugly” accessories with a touch of the past 90s, which have now received a new breath: massive “Daddy's” sneakers with socks, a sports belt bag, a hat, bright plastic earrings and glasses in the same flashy setting. In general, everything that you hoped to say goodbye forever in the early 2000s can once again occupy a worthy place in the wardrobe. At least, such a bow looks fun and boring.

With ballet shoes or kitten heels: 60s motifs

But, of course, lovers of classic and sophistication can always interpret the trend in the spirit of Audrey Hepburn. To do this, choose an “ugly” dress in a mini-length (and then it doesn’t seem so “ugly”), combining it with ballet flats, elegant shoes with kitten heels and other classic accessories. Sure if the legendary Holly Golightly was walking at the Tiffany & Co. windows. Today, she could easily have chosen for this "ugly" dress and look in it in its own excellent.

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