What to wear in the city to survive the heat: 6 trending things

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The weather forecast for the rest of the summer threatens the tropical climate, and you have absolutely no way to wait for the fall at some picturesque oasis? Then we made up a basic wardrobe for you, which promises to make life a little easier in a hot city.

Lightweight Short Off Shoulder Dresses

An absolute favorite of this summer was clothes with an open shoulder line. Blouses, tops and dresses with a flirty top were so popular with girls that now things with a similar silhouette can be found on almost any brand – from luxury to the mass market. The love of this trend is understandable: when the temperature is 30 degrees or higher outside, even a T-shirt seems like some kind of winter thermal clothing. Therefore, a short dress of a trapezoidal cut made of natural fabric is a real salvation for the townspeople weary of the sun. Moreover, depending on the accessories, it is acceptable even for the office (if, of course, your company does not have a very strict dress code).


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Cotton shorts

Sooner or later in the summer, days come when it is simply impossible to walk in trousers, and denim shorts are suitable only for a weekend at the beach or a music festival. In such situations, a loose cut shorts made of cotton or other weightless materials will be a compromise. They can dazzle with a bright floral print and trim from buttons, embroidery, zippers, or be maximally concise monophonic. In any case, they can be easily adapted to each bow of a busy girl who is in a hurry either for a business meeting, for an art exhibition, or for a cocktail party in the open air.

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Linen Ethnic Blouses

The ratings for the popularity of dresses and embroidered blouses that conquered not only Ukrainians, but also fashionistas from around the world do not leave the next season in a row. Now, an ethnic-style embroidered blouse has become a must-have thing in a summer wardrobe. At first glance, it may seem that the embroidered shirt was created for too conceptual image, it requires a special occasion and mood. But, as it turned out in practice, this is one of the most versatile gizmos. It is equally appropriate on the beach, and for a walk, and at work, and at a social event – you just have to decide what to combine it with. And you can combine it with anything – denim, printed skirts and shorts, trousers or culottes in a classic style and a host of other options.

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A-Line Dresses

No matter how much you would like to show off your slender and tanned body in tight things, leave them for cool days. In the meantime, focus on free forms. Choosing an oversize A-line dress will solve two problems at once. Firstly, such flying dresses will help you to feel at least a little more comfortable in hot weather, and secondly, they allow you to relax, forgetting for a while about your posture, the press and a couple of extra pounds brought from vacation. In addition, even such a free cut does not diminish your femininity – on the contrary, it turns into the goddess of the metropolis due to soft smooth lines.

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Overalls can become an alternative to slightly boring dresses. It is also important to be devoted to free cut and the most pleasant summer fabrics like linen, silk, viscose, chintz. And most importantly, the jumpsuit itself is already a full-fledged bow, to which you do not need to pick anything apart from a bag and shoes (the most not picky look). If you still considered this part of the wardrobe a little dubious, then it's time to catch up. Ahead is still a hot August!

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Solid & striped


Well, do not forget about the headdress, which in summer is the most necessary accessory. Beauticians, dermatologists, therapists and other medical professionals are strongly advised to protect your head from sometimes aggressive sunlight, which can cause various ailments. Even if you are not the biggest fan of hats, we advise you to get at least one universal-shape straw hat with small fields – like a fedora or boater, which goes to almost everyone. Such a detail does not require much attention, and goes well with all of the above items.

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