What to give for Valentine's Day: 6 virtual gifts at the last minute

If you suddenly earned and forgot that Valentine's Day is already tomorrow, and you don’t have a gift for the second half yet, do not panic. Modern Internet capabilities allow you to make a romantic, useful or creative surprise just a few clicks, without leaving your home or workplace. We chose some cool options (we’re confessing we would be happy to receive them ourselves), which can be paid online and immediately received via e-mail. Plus, these gifts will definitely please more than a teddy bear, a souvenir with a heart or a bouquet of roses.

And even if you, girls, have long packed a gift for a loved one (and if not, see what you can quickly buy), forgetful men are sure that the prompt will not hurt. So, you can unobtrusively share this link with them.

Sports: Fitness Geek Camp

Fans of sports (or those who are trying to become them in the new year) can always give a subscription to a fashionable sports club, where they do not dare to go themselves. And they will also like the idea of ​​participating in Fitness Geek Camp-e – one of the best sports camps, where you can not only join a healthy lifestyle, but also find the motivation you need for yourself, as well as make useful contacts. Now on any of the camps that are closest in the schedule there is a special discount by February 14. To purchase a certificate at a nice price, you must enter the promotional code #loveisintheair.

Where to order: fitnessgeekcamp.com

Movies: MEGOGO

Not everything can be found on the Internet for free. Just released movies, new series, TV shows have the opportunity to watch only on a paid subscription. So the gift card of the multimedia service MEGOGO will please those who often travel and do not know what to do on the road or in the evening at home. You can buy an electronic key to a subscription and give access to the most current content.

Where to order: softlist.com.ua

Travel: weekend in Malta

The best gift for a long time were impressions, not things. That is why, if it is difficult for you to choose a worthy gift for your mate, just book a plane ticket. Traveling together is always a good idea, which, moreover, will strengthen the relationship. Now there are lots of lucrative offers from various airlines, where you can choose the most affordable ticket options to any destination. We advise you to subscribe to the telegram channels, which have constantly updated information with the most attractive promotions and offers: Wind blowing, TripMyDream, Lowcost UA, Turisto.

Now, for example, the airline Air Malta has made an excellent gift for Valentine's Day, offering attractive prices for the flight Kiev – Malta. The price of one way is from 25.23 euros for the period of travel from February 11 to June 30, 2019. Offer valid until February 18, 2019.

Where to order: www.airmalta.com

Living Abroad: Airbnb

By the way, for travel enthusiasts who are light on the rise, besides tickets, there is another not the most obvious, but tempting, option of a virtual gift – the Airbnb digital gift card, which after purchase comes to the email address of the addressee. This card allows you to book accommodation anywhere in the world and feel at home there.

Where to order: www.amazon.com

Education: MasterClass

We have been taught since childhood that knowledge and talent cannot be bought for money. But the modern world offers not only to buy them, but also to present them as a gift. Thus, the international platform MasterClass offers various educational online programs in the field of creative and not-so-professions from real "rock stars" of the industry. Cooking course from Gordon Ramsay, directing course from Jodie Foster, photography course from Annie Leibowitz or fashion design course by Mark Jacobs. Impressive, right? The feature of MasterClass programs is that you buy not only video lessons with tasks from famous mentors, but also get the opportunity for interactive communication. Each student is provided with an electronic version of the workbook and the opportunity to ask a question to the eminent lecturer by e-mail. The cost of each course is $ 90. And the annual subscription to the courses is $ 180.

Where to order: www.masterclass.com

Concert: Pink

Another option for a win-win gift – tickets to the concert of your favorite artist. For example, the upcoming summer promises a rich concert program. Therefore, if your first dates have been performed to the rhythms of Monatik songs – hurry up to book a ticket to the singer's concert, which will take place on June 1. But if you want to truly surprise your soul mate – view the poster of top Western artists. This summer in Europe with an enchanting show promises to ride Pink. There are not so many tickets left for the performance of the cult singer, but still there is an opportunity to book a weekend in Berlin, Vienna or, for example, Warsaw, where you can spend an unforgettable weekend not only singing to the immortal hits, but also walking along the streets of new locations .

Where to order: www.euroticket.com.ua

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