Valentine's Day: the most savory holiday gifts

1222 "width =" 1195 "height =" 735 "srcset =" 1195w, https: // 23-59. 670w "sizes =" (max-width: 1195px) 100vw, 1195px "></p><p>The existence of February can justify only one day – Valentine's Day. The moment when you can and should give each other as much love as possible, and with it something that will help to make the rest of the winter really hot. Fortunately, there is one more reason: “50 shades darker” is released on the screens – an adaptation of the continuation of one of the “hottest” novels of recent years. Watching this movie together is a great way to spend Valentine's Day evening. But the gift should be appropriate!</p><p>Harness</p><p style=6855 (3)

The original purpose of this belt – carrying a weapon – can be forgotten. Today it is a stylish and very erotic accessory that is able to “colorize” even the most rigorous costume and make the girl a little more dangerous.

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Scratch Poster

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“Make funny photos in photobox”, “Get a pet”, “Take a bath with foam and candles” – these are not just words. Now you have to complete these tasks together with your soulmate, and then erase the layer, admire the picture and enjoy the next item of the “plan”. The main thing is to do it together very excitingly.

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Set of linen

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Say – nothing new? Do not rush to draw conclusions, because we are talking about not quite ordinary underwear. Let’s put it this way: in this elegant set, some familiar elements are missing, so that its beautiful owner becomes even more beautiful, and the cold winter night becomes hot.

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Body chains

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If you are not ready for the “experiments” that the film “50 Shades Darker” is dedicated to, you can start with the “lite” option. Pectoral chains are not handcuffs yet, but they can produce even greater effect.

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Of course, giving the girl socks is somewhat strange. But not when it comes to wonderful airy socks created specifically for Valentine's Day. A playful scarlet “heart” on a thin black mesh is a great alternative to the “Valentine” card.

Where to buy: in stores of Salzedonia in Kiev


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Ever thought that a piece of clothing like a jumpsuit could be sexy? It turns out how else can! If it is made of shiny black latex. You venture to give your beloved such, he can be useful not only on holiday!

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Eye mask

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Don’t worry: this is not about cosmetics. This is a vinyl mask created in the shape of a futuristic polyhedron. She does not close her eyes, but is able to make the girl look mysterious and act out a fantasy.

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Few things can convey care like … slippers. Warm and cozy, besides, stylish and decorated with a fluffy heart – no matter what feet a girl stands in the morning after Valentine's Day, she will feel your warmth.

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True girls never grow out of dolls. Especially if these are dolls from the Popov sisters – so realistic and lovingly executed that it is not surprising that they are known and loved from New York to Sydney. Get ready for the fact that their owner will have a new hobby: these dolls have a lot of clothes, shoes and other amazing miniature accessories.

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