Vacation notes: how Jay Lo, Nastya Kamensky, Kim Kardashian and other stars extended their summer

Jennifer Lopez / Nastya Kamensky

If you want the summer not to end, just extend it! It seems that such simple advice is hidden in the photos of some of the stars on Instagram. While someone is updating their wardrobe and already eyeing new coats, celebrity blogs can still be used to explore beach fashion trends.

Jennifer Lopez, who is now preparing to release a new song with Maluma, decided to extend the enjoyment of her vacation.

Summer vibe,

– the singer signed a picture in which she poses in the sea.

Jennifer Lopez

Kim Kardashian prefers a comfortable pool to natural reservoirs, but she also likes to take water procedures in the evening. The lack of sun, however, did not stop the celebrity from posing in sunglasses from the Si Wear brand.

In a couple of weeks, Nadezhda Obolentseva managed to make up for all the travels that the coronavirus pandemic “stole” this year. After visiting London and Rome, Obolentseva settled on Capri. And it seems that everything that Nadezhda herself thinks about it is written on her swimsuit from Natasha Zinko.

Well, Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz do not need glamorous resorts. The spouses enjoy the rest at home, spending time on completely family entertainment: preparing barbecues and taking cute photos with pets as a souvenir.

Nadia Dorofeeva decided not to break into the “restricted areas” of this holiday season. Like many tourists this year, the singer went to Turkey. But on vacation you can relax so much that you forget about basic skills for a modern person! Nadia doesn’t give up her posing training.

Choosing natural pose for a photo is not easy work. Well, sho, did we do it?

– she wrote with humor.

Nastya Kamenskikh also adheres to the traditional genres of instagram. She combined a topless photo with a motivational post.

At first, your dreams will come true at a subtle energy level – that is, at the level of thoughts. And only then will they come true in the present,

– explained the singer.

The dreams of some of her fans have definitely come true.

Hailey Bieber also preferred to spend the weekend in nature. The model, who recently starred in a commercial for a new Versace fragrance with Bella Hadid, was sunbathing on the terrace.

Hayley Bieber

Aiza Anokhina decided to extend the summer in the Maldives, where she went with her children a few days ago.

How I love traveling with my boys! Because on trips, I’m always just a mom! No work! And I like being a mom more than anything else,

– Isa admitted.

Apparently, from the paradise beaches, she wrote birthday greetings to her ex-spouse Guf, in which she thanked God for being able to leave him.

Halle Berry recently unveiled her new boyfriend, but on the beach, it seems, prefers to pose alone, as before.

Halle Berry

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