Top 10 fashion items in the main shade of 2018

Last week, Pantone Color Institute called "ultraviolet" the main color of the coming year. On this occasion, we have a dozen finds in these colors that will inspire you not only to choose New Year's gifts, but also to create an original holiday image.

Boots Public Desire, Asos, £ 31.00 (≈ 1121 UAH)

What could be cooler than the top boots this season? – Only the same model, but in the most fashionable shade of the year.

Sweatshirt, H&M, £ 17.99 (≈ 651 UAH)

A cropped sweatshirt with sports symbols is a very effective addition to everyday wardrobe.

Sandals, Zara £ 69.99 (≈ 2532 UAH)

You can find real treasures even at mass-market brands. For example, velvet shoes with unrivaled decor.

Sweets, Hershey’s Kisses, $ 7.41 per pound (405 UAH per kg)

Chocolate is always a pleasure, especially if it is sweets from a famous American brand with more than 100 years of history.

Nail polish, butter LONDON, $ 15 (≈ 405 UAH)

A shining purple manicure is the perfect complement to this year's festive look.

Lipstick, MAC Matte Lipstick, $ 17.50 (≈ 472 UAH)

Another bright and very trendy beauty touch for an evening make-up.

Face mask, OMG! Platinum, € 8.50 (≈270 UAH)

The case when even your beauty routine will be truly stylish. This mask not only moisturizes the skin, but also cheers up with its original color.

Pillow toy, $ 12.00 + $ 3.99 for delivery (≈ 432 UAH)

A fun gift idea for fans of colorful emojis.

Wallet, Versace, $ 725 (≈ 19524 UAH)

Fans of truly luxurious accessories will definitely enjoy this brilliant creation of Versace.

Desserts in Café Bora, South Korea

For those who love purple, this cafe will seem like a real paradise, because all the goodies here are made in this gamut. TripAdvisor will not let you lie!

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