The designer creates incredible dresses according to children's drawings

dresses "width =" 1245 "height =" 901 "srcset =" 1245w, https: // 23-59. 670w "sizes =" (max-width: 1245px) 100vw, 1245px "></p><p>Children love to draw – everyone knows that. And, as a rule, their works are a series of absolutely incredible fantasy images that cover not only paper, but all surfaces of the house. “And why not children's drawings decorate their own clothes?” Thought the designer and mother of two children, Jamie Newberry. Using her professional experience, she transferred the images created by her daughters to dresses, which led them to a real delight. Soon, all their friends demanded similar outfits for themselves, then girlfriends of girlfriends, and after some time it became clear that this idea would be interesting to many.</p><p><img class=

How can I order a dress? It is not so difficult: you need to print from the site the silhouette of the dress that you liked so that your baby draws it with his incredible patterns. Then the picture should be sent by mail to “Picture this”, and after 2 weeks the dress will be ready! Great, right?


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