Terracotta makeup: 20 star beauty looks

Margot Robbie / Sophie Turner

In the fall, in search of warmth (while the batteries have not yet been turned on), make-up artists offer us to warm up with makeup. Terracotta warm shades in make-up are in trend this season. Collected stellar examples that will inspire bright beauty images.

The spice-inspired shade has long been used only for eye makeup. However, this fall, experts advise not to limit yourself to this, but to apply it on the cheekbones, cheeks and lips. The strength of this color lies in its remarkable brightening power. The terracotta shade gives the face freshness and radiance, while looking as natural as possible.

The color is universal – it suits everyone, but makeup artists advise owners of a light skin tone to choose apricot and marmalade colors, and more saturated shades of ginger and amber will look beautiful on tanned and dark skin.

Makeup artist Hang Wango advises changing the usual black eyeliner to terracotta.

This will add brightness and make your eye color vibrant,

He says.

Bonus: The shade is suitable for every eye color and every skin tone, as evidenced by the variety of models who showed off Wango’s terracotta makeup at the Cong Tri runway.

Elsa Hosk at the Cong Tri fashion show
Elsa Hosk at the Cong Tri fashion show

Take Bella Hadid on the Brandon Maxwell show and swap out your regular peach blush for the season’s hottest shade.

Bella Hadid at the Brandon Maxwell Show
Bella Hadid at the Brandon Maxwell Show

Applied high to the cheekbones, they give the face the radiance of the sun – no matter how long it has been since the last trip to the sea. Finally, make-up artists advise paying attention to Gigi Hadid’s makeup from the Ralph Lauren show. A model with a subtle terracotta lipstick demonstrates how to adapt the trend from the runway to everyday life.

There are other stellar examples that will be appropriate not only at fashion shows. Collected 20 terracotta makeup options for inspiration.

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