Talk about feelings: 5 non-banal films about love and relationships

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November nights are the perfect time to enjoy watching good love movies. It often only turns out that you already know all the best melodramas by heart, and new romantic comedies turn out to be impossibly stereotyped and boring. Therefore, we chose the five not the most famous and obvious stories about feelings and relationships, which, perhaps, can not only captivate the plot, but also answer some questions that are relevant to you.

Comet, 2014

“Comet” is the case when something unusual, beautifully shot and memorable passed by everyone's attention. This tape is the full-length debut of the director of the series "Mr. Robot" Sam Esmale, in which he made the main characters his girlfriend – charming Emmy Rossum and undeniably talented Justin Long. The plot tells a seemingly simple story: two young people met, liked each other, had fun, quarreled, reconciled, eventually parted … But here it’s interesting not only the narrative itself, but its form: a roll call of the present and the past, flashbacks with smart ones, ironic and sensual dialogues, soundless snippets of memories with an impeccable picture, which is breathtaking. At the same time, the scenes presented do not line up in a tangled labyrinth where it’s hard not to lose the semantic thread, but rather in a puzzle, putting it together, the history of the relationship becomes absolutely understandable and very familiar to many.

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My King, 2015

The sensational French melodrama "My King", which received the Golden Palm Branch in Cannes, talks about the woman's thoughts on the topic of whether to save a broken relationship. Even if it is the love of a lifetime. Even if you are connected by ten years of joint memories and a common child. The story is led by Tony – a strong, intelligent and charming woman, a criminal lawyer. By fate, she finds herself in a rehabilitation center with a leg injury and only there she has a lot of free time to rethink her life, the last ten years of which have been circling around Giorgio – a rich and attractive restaurateur with the appearance of a womanizer and the character of a bastard. Can such a man be forgiven all insults?

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Beloved Ones, 2014

Another picture, approved by festival critics, makes you reconsider your views on marriage and think about what you love for someone, and whether it is possible to love someone for something. In Beloved Ones, the average couple of Ethan and Sophie faces a banal crisis in relations: when love, romance, passion and once a fabulous life together turned into a boring routine, they decided to give themselves one last chance, turning to a psychoanalyst. He gave the couple simple advice to quit everything, and go for a couple of days to a country house in order to refresh feelings and interest in each other. But in a romantic monastery, Ethan and Sophie suddenly discover ideal versions of themselves – a courteous wife joyfully preparing breakfast, and a carefree spouse painting pictures. But does “ideal man” mean “beloved man”? On-screen heroes and viewers have to figure this out.

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“Friendship and no sex?”, 2013

At first glance, it might seem that this is another Hollywood rum with a predictable plot and vulgar jokes. But in fact, even the provocative name of the picture is the tricks of the translation of Russian-language film distribution. “Friendship”, filmed by Canadian director Michael Daus, is a light and laid-back comedy where the main characters are not typical polished beauties, but completely earthly young people in the person of Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan. Having met at a party, sympathy arises between them, but the girl is busy, and instead of typical courtship, they decide to remain just friends. Until a certain point.

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"According to Barney", 2010

A completely unexpected film about love and relationships, which begins as a sparkling comedy, and ends on a deep dramatic note. The picture tells about the life of the clumsy and unsuccessful television producer Barney, who at his second wedding meets true love. He does everything to get the girl's favor, and for the third time, finally, marry “the very one”. It would seem that, having reached its goal, one could finish the story on this happy note. But reality, unlike the movie, does not end at the wedding happy ending. And then Barney honestly says that life even with a beloved woman is not always cloudless, and the promise to "live happily ever after" can be interpreted in completely different ways.

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