A minute before midnight … plan a trip to the market!

Yes, where grandmothers sell the juiciest and sweetest cherries – the season has already started! You won’t find such a choice of your favorite June berry in the supermarket! The main thing is to remember that eating cherries is better in the morning. This, after all, is a high-carb berry, and replacing it with dinner will not be the best idea for your figure! Tags: Vitamins, Summer, Fruits

A minute before midnight … plan dinner with friends for tomorrow!

June 9 is the International Friends Day, and by a happy coincidence – it's Friday! Among the freshly opened Kiev establishments where you can have fun sitting with the company are Cafe Smørrebrød with refreshments in the format of street food and Cafe I: T it with a laconic fish menu and burgers! Tags: Friends, Kiev, Recreation, Restaurants

A minute before midnight … plan your tomorrow's bow

In order not to rush in a hurry around the apartment with a wounded doe, think up and collect your outfit for tomorrow already today. Take and hang in the closet all the things you need together. Be sure to check the weather forecast. And in the morning, use the time saved for beautiful makeup, styling and a cup of coffee. Tags: Costume, Bow, Clothing, Style