A minute before midnight … find the webcast of the Queen’s official birthday in London!

It will be held tomorrow, and on this occasion a grand parade is being prepared in the British capital! The queen will arrive for the celebration in a real carriage. To catch her smile or a welcome wave of the hand is considered a good omen among the English! You might be lucky with properly placed webcams! Tags: England, Britain, Queen, London

A minute before midnight … find the perfect grilled corn recipe

Juicy and bright, like the summer itself, such corn is an excellent treat for picnics and BBQ parties. So – another reason to make friends! And let you get used to cooking young cobs, experiment with the grill. With blue cheese, garlic, honey or with lime oil – baked corn is good both as a side dish for meat and as an independent dish. Tags: Food, Corn

A minute before midnight … find antistress coloring

Your friends probably gave it to you, or you bought it yourself, but you forgot. So, get it and felt-tip pens, choose your drawing and relax. All these mandalas, curlicues, fancy patterns, fancy flowers and animals, fantastic cities – your key to relaxation. They will help relieve stress and distract from all anxieties. Due to repeated movements, the brain gets a good rest, and working with different colors helps to tune in a positive way. Tags: Relax, Relax, Drawing, Stress

A minute before midnight … find out about the most healthy pizza

Pizza with avocados is the main food fetish of all lovers of healthy eating this season. Low-calorie, but at the same time tasty, it will look great on Instagram photos too! Not food, but some kind of holiday! Moreover, preparing it is simple. On a rolled dough, add a few drops of olive oil, put sliced ​​avocado, herbs, spices to taste and, if pizza seems really dietary to you, add quite a bit of dried ham and blue cheese. Bake in the oven for 20…

A minute before midnight … find out what swineapple is

If you are a fan of Hawaiian pizza, you will definitely like the new food trend. The experimental dish “pig meat” (the network immediately invented a translation of the original name) consists of baked pineapple wrapped in bacon and stuffed with pieces of pork loin. The reviews are mixed – from sheer delight to absolute rejection. To understand who is right, gather friends for a barbecue tomorrow. There, decide whether the pork pineapple is good or "thank you, I'm better than chicken wings." Tags: food

A minute before midnight … find the best guacamole recipe

This delicious avocado pasta can be either an appetizer or a side dish. And a great occasion to make friends. Well, let International Guacamole Day be celebrated today (yes, yes, there is). There are no wrong dates for good company and great food. The main law of guacamole is only one – choose only the most ripe avocado fruits, which can easily be mashed with a fork. And then take it! With coriander, pear or lime juice, as a filling for tartlets or a spread…

A minute before midnight … find your brovist

A person of this profession is also vitally important for any girl, as a dentist and hair stylist. After all, who else will tell you that next season it is fashionable to wear natural and careless eyebrows. Slightly asymmetric and imperfect. Not dyed in one tone, but highlighted, with individual hairs dyed, which makes them as voluminous and natural as possible. But this is not all this disgrace with eyebrows, feathers and foil eyebrows that you see on Instagram. Tags: Eyebrows, Beauty, Style

A minute before midnight … find your perfume format

The fragrance industry has done everything for your convenience so much that it remains to say to her simply "many human thanks." Now you don’t have to worry that your favorite perfume will be taken away when boarding the plane or it will spill all over your purse like an “ocean and three rivers”. Now you can choose the most convenient form for yourself. For example, a brush, like Byredo: you remove the lid, draw a soft brush over the body and your favorite fragrance…

A minute before midnight … find out your future

You didn’t forget that today is the night on Andrei, the time when unmarried girls are guessing at a betrothed. And fortunetelling our people invented just a lot! By the way, most of them are somehow related to sleep, so you won’t take much time. Did the job – fall asleep safely. For example, put four kings cards with words under your pillow and ask MTM (the man of your dreams) to dream about you. Fortune telling promises that the groom will appear in the…