A minute before midnight … find "your" unusual recipe for paska!

By tradition, it can still be cooked tomorrow. If you are not a fan of ordinary paska from dough, make a healthier option – from nuts, raisins, dried fruits, carrots and flax seeds. Or more juicy – from cottage cheese, sour cream and chocolate! And in the first and in the second case – just mix the ingredients and leave for a couple of hours in the refrigerator!

A minute before midnight … find a massage therapist near work or from home

After all, spring is the perfect time for a massage course! After a stressful winter, the body simply begs for the pros to relax and warm it with caring hands, and the weather already allows you to go outside after the procedure and not catch a cold. In addition, back and neck problems tend to worsen in the spring and fall, so you still have a chance to get ahead of them!

With a flying find: unexpected things to take on a plane

You already know what to put on the plane, but what is unobvious but necessary to take with you – in addition to the e-book and headphones – we will now tell you! 1. Lemon A sure remedy for nausea, if you or your neighbor (and on the plane this is oh how it concerns you!) Suddenly gets sick! Do not expect that you can ask for a slice from the stewardess – especially if you fly with a low-cost airline! Carry all your things…

A minute before midnight … find "your" day cream with SPF factor

Do not let the cloudy weather fool yourself! The sun in May is already very active, and the clouds only partially restrain the ultraviolet radiation, stealing the beauty and youth of your skin! So replace your favorite winter care with a Sanskrin cream, for example, with Hydraphase UV Intense Legere from La Roche Posay with SPF 30.

A minute before midnight … find the nearest blood donation point on the map!

Tomorrow is the international day of the donor, and this is a great occasion to give someone health, and maybe even life! At the donation point you will be advised of all the nuances, but the main thing, except for serious violations in the body, so that your weight is at least 50 kg, that you are not pregnant, do not take antibiotics and do not drink alcohol a few days before blood donation! Tags: donor day, Kiev

A minute before midnight … find the webcast of the Queen’s official birthday in London!

It will be held tomorrow, and on this occasion a grand parade is being prepared in the British capital! The queen will arrive for the celebration in a real carriage. To catch her smile or a welcome wave of the hand is considered a good omen among the English! You might be lucky with properly placed webcams! Tags: England, Britain, Queen, London

A minute before midnight … find the perfect grilled corn recipe

Juicy and bright, like the summer itself, such corn is an excellent treat for picnics and BBQ parties. So – another reason to make friends! And let you get used to cooking young cobs, experiment with the grill. With blue cheese, garlic, honey or with lime oil – baked corn is good both as a side dish for meat and as an independent dish. Tags: Food, Corn