A minute before midnight … choose a mehendi pattern

And tomorrow or at the weekend, go to the master who will be able to do henna painting according to your sketch. After all, when else to do such jewelry, if not in the summer. Imagine how fancy patterns on a tanned body look great. Such a temporary tattoo lasts no more than two weeks. And by the way, each mehendi pattern has its own symbolic meaning. Therefore, take the choice of drawing very responsibly! Tags: Tattoo, Tattoo

A minute before midnight … learn how to choose the right watermelon

Let's say you already know about knocking. But this is not the only criterion. Choose medium-sized watermelons. Appearance is deceiving, and large is not always ripe and tasty. The ideal size is 5-7 kg. The tail must always be dry, and the stripes on the crust – the more contrast, the better. Look for a watermelon with a yellow or orange spot on its side, this is a sure sign of ripeness. Well, tomorrow, armed with this knowledge, go to the market. And join the…

A minute before midnight … choose your sneaker design

The American brand Vans has launched a special service with which customers can decorate their shoes with characters from the popular Peanuts comic. You are surely also crazy about their main characters – the boy Charlie Brown and the dog Snoopy. Visit the brand’s official website and choose your favorite color scheme (there are almost 50 of them!) And one of the iconic models – Sk8-Hi, Authentic, Old Skool or Slip-On. Tags: Sneakers, Shoes, Style

A minute before midnight … choose a recipe for immune shots

Autumn is the time for invigorating non-alcoholic mini-cocktails, certainly with ginger and turmeric. These two spices are excellent support for immunity in the cold season. In addition, turmeric – the most trending superfood of this year – improves digestion, cleanses the liver and blood well, lowers cholesterol, and also reduces cravings for sweets and fats. Mix it with freshly squeezed juices of ginger, orange or pineapple and say a radical no to the autumn ailments. Tags: Health, Autumn, Juice

A minute before midnight … choose your autumn scent

Just remember, autumn is not about nostalgia, spleen and wilting. It is about brightness, freedom and energy. Such as in the Hermes Twilly fragrance, in which three main notes are surprisingly interwoven – ginger, tuberose and sandalwood. Creating this fragrance, its author – creative perfumer at Hermès House – Christine Nigel was inspired by modern girls, their style, unpredictability and rhythm. A perfume is dedicated to the brand’s iconic accessory – Twillie's multi-colored silk scarf, which has become one of Hermès's business cards. That is…

A minute before midnight … choose your savory dessert

Although this food trend survived its peak back in 2015, we consider everything gastronomic classic that does not make us fatter. Eclairs with goat cheese and figs, beetroot pudding, ice cream with basil and pepper, sorbet made from cucumber and thyme – all these healthy healthy foods are rich in antioxidants, slow carbohydrates and fiber and almost no simple carbohydrates. So with “well, one more and all” there will be no problems. Tags: Delicious, Dessert, Food