Sunny kiss: how to wear bright yellow this summer?

The main organization in whose authority to decide which color will be fashionable this season – Pantone Color Institute – has proclaimed one of the hottest shades of summer as Primrose Yellow, saturated as a primrose flower. For the summer, the main attributes of which are the sun, sand, berries and citrus drinks, it seems impossible to find a more suitable color scheme. However, many even experienced fashionistas are still wary of bright yellow in their wardrobe.

But we, together with designers, in whose summer collections there was a lot of yellow, we urge you not to be afraid of a bright palette, and we offer just to practice what to combine it with.

Yellow + white

The most win-win option in which it is simply impossible to make a fashionable failure is a combination of yellow and white. Any proportions here will be appropriate, as well as any shades of yellow – from lemon to orange. But even in such a reliable duet, fashion experts advise to be a little bolder, and not be afraid to make bright intersperses in the yellow-white palette in the form of a handbag, sandals or glasses of any saturated color – blue, red, purple, emerald.

Pants, Bershka shirt, Pull & Bear bag

Yellow + blue

Another almost classic holiday look is a combination of a sandy yellow hue with sky blue. Therefore, a blue shirt, which is an integral element of the basic wardrobe, in combination with yellow trousers of the now flared cut, will be an ideal option for a summer office bow or for lunch on vacation. In the same way, a yellow top harmoniously looks with any denim. Those girls who want to be a little more catchy will not be bothered by small but bright details in the form of accessories or jewelry of any other shade of the rainbow.

Top, Zara shorts, Pull & Bear glasses, Paul Andrew shoes

Yellow + pink

If you want to experiment with unusual combinations, then take a note: the shades of yellow get along well with the edema of pink – both pastel and more saturated, “fondant”. The yellow-pink gamut of colors will suit lovers of the style of the 60s and the images of the young Catherine Deneuve in the "Cherbourg Umbrellas", which became the beginning of a fashionable trend called "candy". Since then, clothes in a yellow-pink palette have been associated with a naive and a little even doll-like wardrobe. But in the summer, we girls are often in the mood for such clothes.

Pants, Sayya Top, Mango Cloak, Mango Shoes

Yellow + green

Since this season the shade of primrose is considered the most fashionable of all yellow, it is logical that green looks organically along with yellow. Such a summer combination brings a truly blooming and summer mood to the image, so it is surprising that urban fashionistas do not use this combination very often. Most likely, they are afraid to look too colorful, catchy and recognizable. But it seems to us that in the summer, in tone with bouquets and blossoming greens, this is an ideal color scheme, which, moreover, goes for blondes, brunettes, and owners of red hair.

Top, Marianna Senchina pants, Mango clutch, Zara shoes

Yellow + beige

We understand that not everyone is ready for an eccentric exit, combining yellow with green. In addition to bright and pastel colors, yellow is good friends with a calm nude range. All kinds of gray-beige shades retain the warmth of yellow, but at the same time, neutralize its brightness.

Stradivarius blouse, Stradivarius bag, Aila Blue jumpsuit

Yellow + print

Another color combination that will help to add sunny colors to the bow is to rhyme the yellow details of the image with the same color on the print of clothes. Moreover, the pattern itself or texture in the image is not so important – the incompatible will be combined due to the “roll call” of shades. Just try it – it's easier than it seems at first glance!

Mango shoes, Stradivarius bag, top, Zara skirt

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