Summer dresses that are indispensable this season

tendenze "width =" 845 "height =" 626 "srcset =" 845w, https: // 23-59. 670w "sizes =" (max-width: 845px) 100vw, 845px "></p><p>The onset of the summer season is always a long-awaited and pleasant event. A special pleasure is the opportunity to show oneself in all its glory: feminine, elegant and sexy. And in this regard, we remember Him – the eternal attribute of real women – the dress. Contrary to public stereotypes, not every girl considers it fortunate to spend many precious hours searching for the right model. We decided to save you time and nerves, and picked up 5 options for the most relevant dresses of the season, which should be in the wardrobe “despite” and “by all means”. Now that you have decided on the style and the win-win options, aimless walking around the mall will turn into a logical set of actions. What models do we applaud standing today and are not in a hurry to give up a place of honor in the past? We look.</p><p>Floral print</p><p>There is nothing shameful in dressing from head to toe in flowers during the season of ubiquitous flowering of plants and floral boom in fashion. If you are afraid of being accused of a botanical overdose, dilute the look with concise details. The instructions for using flowers are simple: the more colorful your outfit is, the simpler and more modest the remaining details of the image should look – this axiom has been successfully proved by the stars with the prefix “the most stylish”, so you are welcome!</p><p><img class=Dolce & Gabbana / Gucci


Today, denim dominates the denim. It is enough to look around on the streets of the metropolis, and we will discover the whole variety of shapes, styles, colors and styles of casual and comfortable jeans wear. Unlike seasonal trends and prints, jeans will not lose its relevance in 10 years. Designers have long shifted the degree towards functional stylish things for everyday life, which can be worn both for a walk and for a social event. The simplicity of denim will emphasize that you have a sense of taste and brains that allow you to keep dust out of your eyes with colorful costumes and rhinestones.

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Ethnic motives

Festival style or cheerful gypsy is up to you. But to stay away from the new hobby of designers – folk motifs – absolutely impossible! The image of a Peruvian Indian, an African shaman, Ukrainian motifs or a bow in the spirit of “Clint Eastwood's perfect companion” – choose an outfit based on your inner sense of self and hold wild and hot festivals of music and art on the bright side. If in doubt of the correct choice, evaluate the “effect of an exploding bomb” produced by Ukrainian embroidered dresses by designer Vita Kin. From Ksenia Sobchak and Miroslava Duma to Dita von Teese and Maryna Poroshenko – in authentic outfits, each of these girls received an additional minute of fame. If your budget is limited, and you want romance, no matter what, we recommend repeating the image of Vasnetsov’s Alyonushka, especially since scarves and scarves, as shown by photo reports from past Fashion Weeks, are an absolute mustache.

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The summer print, which was associated exclusively with the marine vest, switched to more feminine silhouettes. If you want to stand out from the crowd of tourists or avoid association with a marine theme, give preference to non-banal cut, spectacular details and the triumph of minimalism. Aerobatics – a combination of vertical and horizontal strips of bright colors. And if they are asymmetric and wide, then there will be no price. Visualization is said to be a powerful thing. Who knows, perhaps in the near future your “striped flight” will suddenly change the usual direction “home-work” to the ideal “home-sea cruise”.

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Open shoulders

Models with open shoulders in the spring made it clear that they are determined to get the title “mega-popular thing of the year”, but due to the variety of spring-summer collections there is always a chance not to look “like everyone else”. Now a dress or blouse with bare shoulders can be found at any luxury or mass-market brand. There is no point in bothering about color and the absence / presence of prints: even in a modest white dress you are guaranteed to attract the attention of the public. Choose models made from natural materials (cotton or linen) – they won’t be hot, and don’t be very sophisticated with length – in the end, it always makes sense to leave room for imagination. Everything is too obvious – it has not been a trend for a long time.

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