Summer, don’t go: how Kristina Asmus, Kim Kardashian and other stars extend the season

Kim Kardashian and Kristina Asmus

While some rejoice at the resumption of flights with the Maldives, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, others are already enjoying the azure warm sea with might and main. Among the second group of lucky ones were Rita Dakota with her daughter Mia, Elena Perminova, Yulianna Karaulova, Kristina Asmus, Renata Litvinova and others.

And Western stars seem to have an eternal vacation. So, Kim Kardashian flew to Cabo San Lucas for a photo shoot for her own cosmetic brand KKW Beauty. Her sister Kendall Jenner decided to spend the weekend at the lake. The model posted a couple of photos in a bikini from Heavy Manners. Alessandra Ambrosio, who is vacationing in the Maldives, also arranged a stylish photoset: this time again in the bikini of her brand GAL Floripa. Barbara Palvin opted for a leopard-print Victoria’s Secret beach bow, while Natasha Poli, sunbathing in Italy, opted for a simple black drawstring swimsuit. Collected even more celebrity vacation fashion looks in our selection!

Rita Dakota: “I am wildly grateful to this summer. It was amazing. And despite the fact that there was a coronavirus in it, repressions in Belarus, Rudkovskaya with Louis Witton, all sorts of disappointments and a lot of pain, at the same time my album # StaiKitov happened in it. , 7 recovered from addiction at our expense, moving with tattoos with my flock, reconciliation with a person who is very important to me, meeting new spiritual mentors and teachers, a lot of happiness and love, well, our first vacation with Mia is just the two of us (The spelling and punctuation of the authors are preserved. – Ed. note) “.

Kristina Asmus is now filming in Gelendzhik

Renata Litvinova does not tell her followers on Instagram where she flew to rest, but, judging by the geotag, the actress is now in France

barbara Palvin

Olga Kurilenko

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