Spectacular sleeve: which statement sleeve is relevant this spring

They say that style is an image that describes you without words. Probably, therefore, trends with the prefix “statement” do not want to leave the wardrobe of the fashion fans. “Statement” is translated as “statement” and involves spectacular clothing or image details that draw attention to themselves and make the bow more daring. This season, the primacy of the statement sleeve is an unusual shape for girls who have something to say to the world. This concept in clothing is particularly relevant, given the feminist agenda. Anyway, catchy dramatic sleeves – a good way to dilute a concise wardrobe. Therefore, why not?

Consider what kind of sleeves fashion insiders call statement this season and what you should pay attention to when going shopping.


The mere phrase “sleeve-boof” immediately takes from the bins of memory a magnificent wedding dress of Princess Diana, in which she conquered the public at the marriage ceremony with Prince Charles in 1981 and went down in history as one of the most iconic brides of the twentieth century. Since then, throughout the decade, puff sleeves have been a frequently cited part of the evening image of the 80s movie heroes: princesses, prom queens, party stars. Recall at least Jennifer Connelly in the movie "Labyrinth" (1986). But do not be afraid, now, to be in trend, you do not need to dress up in a dress-cake. The volume is stored only on the sleeves. The rest of the image is worth balancing tight pants, pencil skirt or simple jeans.

Sleeve bud

If during the daytime the volume and fantasy of the sleeves can vary depending on the destination – be it an office or a brunch, then in the evening you can afford not to be shy and experiment with the most hyper-volume silhouettes. This season's inspiration for high society and evening outing is Joan Collins on Dynasty. Remember her stunning dresses with giant layered sleeves, resembling rosebuds or peonies? So, it's time to repeat this triumph. As it already does Candal Jenner.

Sleeve bell

Just as catchy as a sleeve-puff, a sleeve-bell also looks – lush but flared to the bottom, which any boring or formal image immediately makes romantic. References for how to stylize a sleeve bell can serve as vintage hippie 70s or pop culture from the early 2000s – then tops with flared sleeves paired with ultra-low-rise jeans were worn by all the pop divas from Britney Spears before Kelly Clarkson. Today, even despite the popularity of the most daring trends of the past decades, the sleeve bell still looks more effective in a duet with something as simple as possible – jeans (not exposing the belly) or a men's jacket.

Muton Sleeve

In order to make office bows boring and add French chic notes to it, it is worth adding clothes to the wardrobe with mutton sleeves. Do not worry, muton in French means "ram." But this does not mean that in the spring you need to wrap up in sheepskin sleeves. This refers to the analogy with the shape of a leg of lamb. Therefore, the sleeve muton is the cut of the sleeve, which assumes the volume at the shoulder and the narrowed cuff on the hand. In the history of fashion, this form of sleeves appeared in the royal wardrobe at the end of the XIX century and lasted until the beginning of the XX. Therefore, the sleeve-muton is an indispensable element of the image in costumed dramas – like “Crimson Peak” or “Colette”. In the modern interpretation, the sleeve-muton looks most expressively on blouses, stylized as vintage clothes – blouses, corsets, shirts with a lot of small buttons, decor from ruff.

Croissant sleeve

Catwalk trends prove that the statement sleeve is not going to leave the wardrobe of fashionistas for a long time. But with each season it takes on an increasingly unusual shape. Thus, the spring collections of Valentino, Louis Vuitton and Gucci gave the green light to volumetric sleeves of a semicircular shape, combining it with a corrugated fabric or folds. For what the fashion press immediately gave them a definition – croissant sleeves. This trend looks as tasty as it sounds!

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