Sarah Jessica Parker spent the weekend on the beach in the Hamptons



Sarah Jessica Parker

One of the favorite types of recreation for 55-year-old Sarah Jessica Parker, no matter how trite, is the beach. In the summer, she can often be found on the beach near New York, where she relaxes after working days, reading books and sunbathing.

Yesterday, the star of the series “Sex and the City” again went to the Hamptons with her 58-year-old husband Matthew Broderick to enjoy the last summer days on the ocean.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah doesn’t seem to be too interested in tanning – she prefers bikini swimsuits. But this does not prevent her from showing her fit figure every time and delighting fans around the world with her shape.

However, the actress has to deal with the negative in social networks. For example, one internet user recently called the star too pretentious after sharing her impressive knowledge of cinema. On Instagram, she posted a snapshot with a quote from the 1979 movie “In-Laws” and urged fans to adhere to the rules of social distancing in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

Sarah Jessica Parker

After a scathing comment from a subscriber, Sarah expressed her bewilderment:

What’s so pretentious about pavement photography? Couldn’t you be more delicate?

Then he quipped once again, noting that it was not the photograph that was pathetic, but her comment.

I understand that you are an educated and well-read actress. But we are not all like that and do not understand what you are talking about,

– he noted.

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