Retro trends that have returned to fashion

20150313082017_kNtcr "width =" 1168 "height =" 923 "srcset =" 1168w, https: // 23-59. 670w, 760w " sizes = "(max-width: 1168px) 100vw, 1168px"></p><p class=To update your wardrobe in the coming spring, you do not have to spend an impressive amount in stores. You can thoroughly rummage in the pantry with vintage things that, we hope, you don’t have the habit of throwing away, and find there something not only pleasant as a memory, but also applicable in today's fashion. We tell you what exactly from the grandmother’s wardrobe can make you a street style star.

Midi skirt

It seems that now we don’t even remember when a midi-length skirt went out of fashion for a long time. However, it is in the form in which it is relevant now – with an oversized waistline, a trapezoidal silhouette and a conservative print like a cage or a "goose foot", this thing really refers us back to the prim episodes of Princess Diana or the last seasons of the notorious series "Madmen." To refresh the bow and adapt it to today, fashion experts advise combining such a skirt with a loose sweater and the most comfortable shoes – ballet shoes or even laconic sneakers.

Kitten heel

Although the miniature heel, affectionately called the fashion insiders “kitten heel”, can not be called the newest trend, but this season it definitely claims to take the most honorable place. As proof of this, the most popular brands, from premium to the mass market, presented their version of tiny heeled shoes. And yet, so that boats with condescending low heels do not add age or a dubious reputation to you, you should choose not only a modern bow, but also a shoe model with modern details. Lacing, metal accents, a mix of textures and vibrant colors will not let your pair of kitten heels call your grandmother's shoes.


Massive, colorful and solemnly sparkling brooches will certainly cause associations with the grandmother's casket, inherited as a family heirloom. And no matter how delight the contents of this box cause, we are usually used to protecting it somewhere in the bins of the chest of drawers. But that spring, it was time to get old jewelry or buy something similar at online auctions, giving them a new life. Now brooches can become an alternative to weighty necklaces and heavy earrings, decorating the lapels of a coat, bag or even a hairstyle.

Neck scarf

Do not write off a neck scarf. A lot of unfair accusations of old-fashioned are pouring into the address of this accessory: from “the last time I saw a neckerchief on my school teacher” to “I thought the fashion for them ended with the TV series“ Dynasty ”. In defense of such a cute detail of the image, like a neckerchief, we can say that, firstly, the 80s are back in trend, along with their striking “power woman” image. So, as the shows just shown at Fashion Week in New York and London, it’s not at all embarrassing to resurrect the heroines from their favorite childhood series, lending them some stylistic solutions. And secondly, looking for a place for some conservative wardrobe details in the image, it is not at all necessary to stylize the entire bow to the old era. For example, a vintage neckerchief, which is replete with a bright pattern and a scattering of family memories, will make your most primitive set of jeans and a simple plain t-shirt, sweatshirt or vest non-boring.

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