Results of the year – 2020: new beauty brands on the Russian market

Despite a difficult year in the beauty industry, many interesting brands have appeared on the Russian market. Now in our country you can buy cosmetics from Fenty Beauty, Margaret Dabbs, Delilah, Emma Hardie Skincare and other brands.

Fenty Beauty

The brand, founded by the singer Rihanna, has been awaited in Russia since its inception. She reached us only this January (thanks to the Sephora chain of stores). Watching endless reviews of popular beauty bloggers who praised tonal means (from 2,949 rubles), highlighters (3,400 rubles) and non-sticky lip glosses (1,606 rubles), I wanted to try everything at once. There are no queues like London’s Harvey Nichols. There are about 80 funds on the Sephora website (and you can also find them at a discount).

Margaret dabbs

Margaret Dabbs London was founded by a renowned London podiatrist (foot specialist) and owner of a foot clinic in the center of the UK capital. The assortment of the brand includes medical and cosmetic products for the care of hands and feet: scrubs, aromatic creams, serums for nails and cuticles, lotions, foot oils, masks, sprays and even sets of tools for manicure and pedicure.

The main ingredient in the products is emu oil: Margaret Dubbs explains that in Australia this oil is used in medicine and is great for helping to restore skin after burns, and also works wonders for rough skin of the feet.

The prices cannot be called democratic. You can find brand funds in the boutiques of the Molecule project (online and offline). For example, a lotion costs RUB 3,550, and a serum costs RUB 6,400.


The British brand, founded by makeup artist Rupert Kingston, beauty expert Hannah Nicholson and photographer Juliette White, was founded in 2014. The fans of the brand are many stars, including Dua Lipa and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. In 2020, cosmetics in recognizable rose gold-colored packaging finally arrived in our country.

This design was not chosen by chance: rose gold coin appeared on the initiative of Henry VIII to replace the expensive sovereign made of pure gold. And, of course, the very emblem of the brand – a pink rose of the Delilah variety – is a typical British symbol of beauty.

The collection has everything you need to create daytime and evening makeup: mascara (3 600 rubles), pigmented shadows (5 100 rubles), tonal means (5 100 rubles), gloss (3 300 rubles), powder, eyebrow gels, eyeliners, brushes, bronzers and concealers. Delilah technologists develop the compositions of their products so as to exclude harmful components as much as possible – parabens and surfactants.

Emma hardie skincare

Another brand created by British celebrity cosmetologist Emma Hardy. The expert specializes in anti-aging care, so the products promise to primarily fight wrinkles, moisturize and restore tone and radiance.

Emma advises to apply products not just like, but combining with a set of exercises for the face, neck and décolleté.

The first product of the brand was the Moringa Cleansing Balm (700 rubles), which can be safely called the brand’s bestseller. It contains moringa oil, grape seed oil and sweet almond oil, which wash away makeup of any persistence from the face and eyes without leaving a trace.

The balm is sold along with a muslin towel: first use the microfiber side to remove the product and the muslin exfoliating one to exfoliate and polish the skin. In addition to this miracle remedy, the brand’s assortment includes creams with vitamin C, masks with pink clay, serums with collagen and retinol.

Maison rebatchi

In autumn, the founder of the Maison Rebatchi house, the French perfumer Mohamed Rebatchi, was supposed to fly to the capital, but due to the pandemic, the visit had to be postponed. The appearance of his brand in the Moscow boutique Molecule was marked with an online presentation. He creates his aromatic masterpieces together with the world’s leading perfumers: Karin Chevalier, Maurice Rousel, Bertrand Duchaufour, Randa Hamami and Eleanor Massenet.

From childhood memories of walks along the French Vendée ocean coast to the smells of the crowded streets of Algeria, from classic floral-chypre compositions to eau de parfum with notes of May rose absolute – there are now 12 fragrances in the collection. The cute bottles were created by designer Pierre Dinant. Each fragrance costs about 10 thousand rubles.

Сhris Сollins

Chris Collins’ story began with a collaboration with legendary designer Ralph Lauren for over 20 years. After some time, Chris founded his own perfume house.

My love for fragrances began when I was a child. My dad used English Leather, Stetson and Gray Flannel colognes, and I always wondered which one he chose today. When I was in high school, it was always more important for me to smell good than dress well. I started to study the language of fragrances, top notes, heart, base notes, floral, oriental notes. It brought me back to my passion for science, because when I was in college, I studied biology and chemistry,

– said Chris Collins.

15 years later, Сhris Сollins will become the only perfume brand owned by a black man, which is represented in the Bergdorf Goodman department store. In Russia, the brand’s eau de parfum (16 800 rubles) can be bought at the Molecule boutique.


This winter, the Korean brand Cure appeared in Russia. Each product contains aloe that is grown for 1,000 days on Jeju Island. For 40 years, the founder of the brand, Kim Jong Moon, researched the properties of aloe and figured out how to preserve its valuable properties. This valuable ingredient stimulates collagen synthesis in skin cells.

In addition to aloe juice, each product contains plant extracts (centella asiatica, green tea leaves, chamomile, rosemary, white willow bark) and nutritional ingredients (selenium, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, copper, zinc) that protect against harmful effects of the environment and instantly soothes the skin. The funds cost from 400 to 700 rubles.

Pure sense

The Russian brand Pure Sense produces fragrances created by blind people. The idea of ​​the founders is simple: in our world there are people who, due to the limitation of visual perception, have an enhanced sense of smell. Therefore, a team of professionals undertook to train blind people in the art of perfumery, so that they express their perception of the world and convey it through compositions.

In minimalist absolutely transparent bottles – grape-creamy sweetness enveloped in mint notes (Serenity scent), aroma with bright notes of citrus and freshly cut grass (Freedom) and a composition reminiscent of a sip of iced jasmine tea in the middle of a sultry day (Inspiration). Eau de parfum costs 7,500 rubles.

Clara’s choice

In September 2020, the assortment of the Golden Apple chain was replenished with a new brand Clara’s Choice from South Korea. The brand produces serums, foams, cleansers, sunscreens and creams in an unusual 25-gram package (Spout) with a comfortable spout and a screw cap. Such funds are convenient to take on trips and trips, to the gym or to work.

Each product costs no more than 200 rubles.


In October, L’Etoile launched a new Korean brand Herisson, which produces skin and hair care products. The composition includes such non-trivial components as horse oil, snail secret, diamond powder and gold extract. Despite all these luxurious ingredients, the prices are quite affordable, for example, a hair mask with a snail secret costs only 199 rubles, and a face serum with gold particles costs 1,299 rubles.

Snow buddy

The Snow Buddy brand (snow – snow, buddy – friend) was created in 2017. The main mission of the brand’s products is not only to protect children’s skin, but also to help teach the smallest to wash properly. The packages depict the funny character Pupuang, who loves water and fun.

Soft foam (1 340 rubles) with natural ingredients gently cleanses the face, hands and body, shampoo (1 455 rubles) with extracts of algae, baobab and rice bran softens and moisturizes the hair, and toothpaste-foam (890 rubles) with extract of green tea and aloe vera freshens breath and protects against tooth decay.


The Spanish laboratory specializes in the production of serums in ampoules with a high concentration of active ingredients, namely vitamin C and proteoglycans. They fight the signs of aging, moisturize and, most importantly, are suitable for all skin types.

In the assortment of the brand, you can also find creams and serums that can be used both solo and in conjunction with ampoules for a wow effect.

The MartiDerm laboratory is the number one selling anti-aging product in Spain. A set of 10 ampoules costs on average 3,500 rubles.

Art & Fact

The new Russian brand of professional skincare is somewhat reminiscent of The Ordinary, popular in the West. Star brand remedy – serums with niacinamide, peptides, allantoin, acids and vitamins. All components do not mask flaws, but are aimed at solving a particular problem. There is nothing superfluous in the composition – no unnecessary components, dyes and fragrances, since they can irritate the skin.

All brand formulas are created in collaboration with scientists and cosmetologists from leading laboratories in the USA, France, Spain and tested (without animal tests) under the control of dermatologists. Another distinctive feature of the brand is affordable prices. The price for serums starts from 610 rubles, for cream – from 477 rubles.

Results of the year 2020: which beauty brand have you been waiting for the most?

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