Pool, hula hoop and trampoline jumping: Heidi Klum told how she keeps herself in shape

Heidi Klum

At 47 years old, the famous German model Heidi Klum looks great – she is slim and fit. Her beautiful appearance is the result of constant work on herself and her body. Heidi devotes a lot of time to sports, which helps her stay in great shape. In an interview with the British magazine Women’s Health, she told what workout she prefers.

As Heidi admitted, after she turned 40, she was helped by unconventional exercises with low impact to maintain her figure. While some opt for structured workout plans and weird diets, Heidi prefers hoop exercises, trampoline jumping, and pool swimming every day.

Heidi Klum

I am lucky to have a pool at home. When the pandemic began, I swam 20 laps a day. These low-impact exercises work much better for me than treadmill exercises. Hula hooping is also a great option, as is trampoline jumping.

– said Klum.

Heidi Klum

Heidi admitted that raising four children helps her keep fit: 16-year-old Helen, 15-year-old Henry, 14-year-old Johan and 11-year-old Lou.

I run, trampoline in the garden at my Los Angeles home and do bodyweight exercises, including a lot of squats. I move a lot, running after four children, two dogs and a cat,

– she concluded.

Recently, Heidi admitted that while working as a model, she constantly went on diets, but now she no longer does this, which is very happy.

I no longer struggle with food after years of dieting due to my modeling career. I am happy with who I am, because now I have the opportunity to simply choose the right food,– said the star.

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