Places to Go in the Cold in Asia

May Bay, Phi Phi Island, Krabi region. Thailand

Throwing office work and leaving as a downshifter in Asia – ten years ago, this idea was densely populated in our heads, and fantastic stories of friends about the places with exotic flora and fauna, beaches with snow-white sands, cheap food and a unique culture that is not spoiled by technological progress only fuel dreams of indefinite travel. However, before radically changing your life, it’s wise to go on reconnaissance. Where to go for a secluded beach vacation, where to get acquainted with the most colorful inhabitants of Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines, which landscapes will collect the most likes on your Instagram, we tell in our digest of the most amazing places in Asia.

Indonesia, Lombok Island

The times when Asia was considered the height of the exotic, and its inhabitants seemed savages to us, have long been in the past, like low-waisted jeans, but on some islands the untouched nature and spirit of an authentic and non-touristic area are still preserved. The island of Lombok is called "Bali before the tourists arrived there." Quiet and comfortable, it is rightly considered one of the best resorts in Indonesia. Locals manually make pottery, work with silk and fabrics, weaving gold and silver threads into them. The beaches of Lombok are never noisy and crowded; this place is an oasis of peace and tranquility. However, if the silence is boring, you can always take an excursion to the Rinjani volcano, Sendang-Gil waterfall or Danau-Segara-Anae lake, and the road to the Gili islands with coral reefs takes no more than 15 minutes by ferry.

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Philippines, rice terraces

Most likely, you will eat rice dishes in Asia for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but how do they get on the table? In the Philippine Islands, the Ifugao tribe created rice terraces several thousand years ago, naturally, without the use of cars. Now, although they are a unique monument, protected by the UN, they are still used by descendants of ancient tribes for their intended purpose. Terraces visually look like giant steps in the mountains, decorated in green, light green and brown. In the small town of Banaue, from where the best view of the unique landscape, created by the joint efforts of man and nature, opens up, real Aborigines live who look after the fields with precious rice.

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