Paint your day: T-shirts with colorful prints in Ukrainian online stores


A t-shirt with a loud author's print, which is simply obliged to be in the wardrobe of every girl, will help to turn everyday clothes into a vivid image that will cause smiles of people they meet, convey a message to others or just make a joke on themselves. If you still don’t have one, or if you are looking for something to fill up your collection of such T-shirts, we offer the most colorful, cute and ironic prints that we have seen among the assortment of Ukrainian online stores.


Designer Tatyana Zatserkovanaya knows how to turn a simple t-shirt into an art object, who manually paints her brand’s clothes with bright colors. Her T-shirts fly around the world – from America to South Korea, and all thanks to the recognizable author's style of drawings, which depict brave girls, wild animals, kisses or all together. Such a t-shirt with a bright plot seems to be a necessary thing on vacation.

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Chapapev street

The Chapaev Street team talks about itself as the first Ukrainian courtesy brand of casual clothes, the main focus of which is t-shirts with an author's print. Their images include history, modernity and even parallel reality, and it always looks colorful, ironic, ideological – like, for example, a T-shirt with the image of Dali with a burger. The creators themselves say that for them the first place is not the circulation of things or their commercial component, but the special atmosphere that T-shirts bring to their owners.

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How do you imagine the most unbanal print that can be depicted on a regular white t-shirt? For example, it seemed to us that the imagination of the designers could no longer surprise us, but the team at the 7arrows online store, which presented exclusively Ukrainian-made clothes, succeeded. The “kalyak” print seems to us so touching and able to instantly return to childhood, that it is difficult to resist it. In addition, we are sure that a t-shirt with such a pattern will appeal even to fans of minimalism, who usually don’t wear clothes with prints at all.

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Founder of the brand NUKRAIN! Oleg Zagrebnoy, using clothes, is trying to interest modern young people in Ukrainian culture and art, to show that national motifs can be relevant and stylish, if served correctly. Therefore, the assortment is NUKRAIN! there are T-shirts with authentic and funny prints, where fairy-tale characters and famous Ukrainian writers appear in completely unusual roles – such as this one, with the illustration of the Elusive Frying Pan.

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Kiss my eyes

Kiss My Eyes brand also creates basic things with a unique mood. Jeans, T-shirts, shirts and hoodies are decorated with “delicious” designer prints. We believe that a white T-shirt with a “Perfect Menu” pattern is a must have in any girl’s summer wardrobe. Because even the one who claims to not wear anything too “girlish” has a corresponding mood at least once a month.

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Mascot design

A spring sensation of lightness, warmth and romance can give T-shirts from Mascot design. In the plot line of their prints – daisies, dates, bike rides, cakes, bouquets of sunflowers and a sad cat for some reason, which is simply impossible not to fall in love with.

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If you are a lover of cats, dogs and other pets, you will definitely be uplifted by Bearcat T-shirts, whose team claims to give joy to their customers. Indeed, looking at the watercolor images of a puppy with a camera, cats in stylish glasses, a raccoon in a hat and a pipe, or such an elegant deer, it’s very difficult to restrain a smile.

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Another young brand Heyday creates simple clothes with a bright design, and he does it very well. The creators of the brand follow the motto “Great goals are achievable”, and inspire others to do the same, creating life-affirming prints, such as “Live, Do Not Exist” or “Think With Your Head”. However, from the entire collection of the brand, we liked the T-shirt with the image of a Rubik's cube instead of a head and the inscription “Probably not”. The guys seem to have a great sense of humor!

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So good

In order to make the image noticeable and unique, you only need a spectacular and eloquent print – the creators of the So Good brand are sure. They create sweatshirts and T-shirts with Pin Up prints that show the versatility of a female character. For example, the Bad girls t-shirt sometimes reflects some facet of the personality of each of us.

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