Ours in the city: life next door to a kangaroo

The mainland country, where everything is the opposite, where the most unusual animals are found and where beaches are created for surfing. Anna Gavrilyuk only visited Australia for the first time a year ago, but managed to fall in love, get to know nature and move to the city of Perth in Western Australia. For three months in the country she had so many changes that the girl lost track of time. Anya shared her impressions of life in Australia.

How to live here

First of all, Australia is associated with kangaroo. Everyone thinks they are here everywhere. But no, they are usually outside the city. Unfortunately, many dead kangaroos can be found on the roads, they are often knocked down by cars. In Australia, there are special services that collect the bodies of dead animals and take their children from their bags (usually kenguryat can stay alive). It is very rare to find white kangaroos (note – albinos), but they are very beautiful. There are also many wildlife parks here, where you can stroke and feed them straight from the hands. These animals are tame there, but you need to be careful when the kangaroo is on the tail – this means that it will attack. Kangaroos are herbivores, people often do not know this and feed them with bread, and from this they die.

I won the number of various parrots. If we keep these in cells, then they are free. The most popular are Rainbow Lorikeet – rainbow colored parrots, Australian Ringneck – green parrots with a yellow necklace on the neck, Galah – big pink parrots. There are a lot of them in parks and trees. You can buy food for birds and feed them, they are not afraid of people.

In addition to parrots attracts another bird – kukbara. Her singing is like laughter and comes from almost every tree.

Another wonderful animal that you will not find anywhere else except Australia is the wombat. These are burrowing burrows, herbivores that look like small bears or very large hamsters.

There is also a Kvokka, a very cute little animal that looks like a kangaroo, but is about the size of a domestic cat. In Western Australia, there is a whole island with these animals – Rottnest. You can get there by ferry, ticket costs $ 40. With kvokkami get funny self, as if they were posing and smiling at the camera.

Many people know that in Australia it is the opposite. When summer is in Ukraine, it is winter, when autumn is spring. Mostly in winter (June-August) in Australia is quite cool, although not as much as in Ukraine. On average, the air temperature during the day reaches 15-21 degrees, at night 5-9. Summer is hot (December-February), with an average temperature of 32 ° C, maximum – 46. I am glad that all transport (buses, subways) are equipped with air conditioning, which save from the heat. Australians celebrate the New Year on the beach. It is strange that Christmas decorations and toys begin to sell in September (early spring).

Australia is a multinational country. Here you can meet immigrants from all over the world: India, Asia, Africa, Europe. It is striking that many Asians do not speak English at all, but have lived here for many years. They have their own communes, schools for children, restaurants and shops. And most of all I lack communication in my native language – Ukrainian, or at least Russian.

I like the fact that it doesn't matter what you work for. No one will laugh at you, whether you are a waiter or a cleaner. You work and do not sit at home – it is respectful. In each cafe and supermarket at the checkout you will be asked – how are you today, how is your day going? Even people are not afraid to say compliments. One day a girl in the subway approached me and said that she really liked my jacket, asked where I bought it and nicely wished a good day.

Australians are always ready to help. They always tell the way, and once a woman gave me her bus ticket and put me on the right bus. It was very nice and generous of her.

Accommodation in Australia is expensive. We rent a small two-story house and pay $ 320 a week for it. So many Australians are doing. Buy a house, especially in the city center is very expensive.

Personal care

Every self-respecting girl pays attention to her appearance. I'm not an exception. Being in Ukraine, I visited salons every month, did manicure and pedicure with a shellac coating. In Kiev, it cost me about 600 UAH. Having arrived in Australia, the first thing I did was, of course, signed up for a manicure. In instagrame found a salon that is closer to home. The page indicated that it was Friday and Saturday that a manicure + coating would cost only 35 Australian dollars, which is almost 700 UAH. Nevertheless, it is very cheap for Australia, because in other stores prices start at $ 60. But, unfortunately, I was disappointed. The manicure was just awful, it would be more appropriate to say it was not there at all. The manicurist slightly raised the cuticle and walked the nail file through my nails, making a more or less even shape. On the coating can be generally silent – lacquer climbed over the cuticle, everywhere there were some bubbles. I could not say anything to the “master” and just left the salon upset and in a bad mood. Later noticed that local girls do not paint nails at all. They either just lazy to paint their nails at home, or they don’t want to spend money on manicures in salons.

But the male barbershop in Australia conquered me. Many men have beautiful and stylish haircuts, and men's hairdressers here at every turn. But the visit must be booked in advance, you can not just run for a haircut when you wanted. Barbershops look very stylish and cozy. Striking and relevant to customers. While you are being cut, give free beer + can make a free face mask. As a result, a stylish haircut for a guy will cost $ 25-30, while cutting the tips for a girl will cost $ 80-100.

Australians are very sporty people. Here you can see a lot of people who run during the day, do yoga in the parks, ride bicycles, and fitness clubs and gyms are always packed with people. The most popular sports in Australia (as for me) are running and cycling. Rent a bike per hour will cost 10 Australian dollars. A helmet and a first-aid kit are attached to the bike. We also regularly visit the gym and pool with a guy. Subscription to the hall costs $ 14 / week, swimming pool – $ 10 per person per day, including a sauna, a bath and a jacuzzi.

Hev fan

Australia is the country with the most delicious coffee. Wherever you take it – in an elite coffee shop or in an ordinary street cafe, it is always perfect. But do not rush to order coffee without specifying its size. I always take the smallest cup of coffee (small size). This is the usual size of coffee that we have in Ukraine served in all establishments. A large portion of coffee here is a huge cup. I do not know how much people drink. A small cup of latte / cappuccino / flatwill costs $ 4. And this is regardless of where you take it – a restaurant, cafe or Madonalds. All coffee shops are very cool decorated and they always have a lot of special offers.

The only thing I don’t like in Australia (and how inferior it is in comparison with Ukraine) is this moment that any meetings should be planned. You can not just take it and drop by on a visit to tea with a cake. Be sure to ask the person if the time and day for the meeting is right for him, choose a place, reserve a table.

The cuisine in Australia is varied, here all the cuisines of the world are gathered: from Chinese to Greek. It's nice that the service in cafes and restaurants at the highest level. Meals are brought very quickly, there is always a free carafe of water with lemon on the table. It was also struck by the fact that even on weekdays all the restaurants and bars are packed with people. It is always better to book a table in advance, as you may simply not be seated. The bill is always all divided in half, everyone pays for himself.

It was also surprising that they don’t celebrate their birthday here, and if they celebrate, almost everyone comes without gifts. Maximum – postcards and flowers. We were at a birthday party with friends, so they immediately warned that they would provide only snacks, everyone pays for drinks themselves.

The birthday of the older generation is not at all like ours in Ukraine. On the table may be snacks, tea, cake and muffins. From alcohol – maximum wine and beer. There is no feast and celebration until 2 o'clock at night. Everything is quiet and peaceful.

We often go to the cinema. I like the halls, where there are very comfortable chairs on which you can lie down to the full height and adjust the slope. Nearby are a table and a tablet with a menu. If you want – take and order drinks and food, and the waiter will bring them to you on the table during the session. On the one hand, this is cool, but on the other, it is not very pleasant to hear the champing of the people sitting next to it. A ticket to such a room will cost $ 20-25 per person. In the usual room – $ 10.

Recently in Australia many concerts of world stars are arranged. Just recently, Pink and Katy Perry were performing in our city, the other day there was a big concert by Celine Dion. Usually tickets for such concerts cost from $ 70 depending on the place and zone.

Australia is a paradise for surfing. One of the most popular countries, where all the surfers of the world come to catch the cherished wave. Surfing here can be done all year round, and even children are on the board. The water temperature here never drops below 22 ° C, and in the hot season (November-February) it can reach 30 ° C.

But if you are a professional, then it is best to come to Australia in February – April. It is during this period in Australia begins the world-famous stream of surfing competitions – the qualifying world series. And if you do not surf at all (like me), then you can watch how professionals do it. By the way, with security everything is in order: almost all the beaches are fenced with special nets from sharks.

Australia also has a very popular kiteboarding – from the words "kite" – a kite and "board" – a board for skiing. A huge kite will not only be able to ride across the ocean, but also lift into the air, tearing it away from the surface of the water. Using wind power, kiters can reach speeds of up to 90 km / h. The active season falls in September-April. As for me, this is a very serious sport that requires a lot of strength and training. I plan to take a couple of lessons myself in the summer.

Western festivals are held almost every month in Western Australia. Personally, I attended the winter wine festival (July 2018). Australians are great wine lovers. It is cheap here (you can take a bottle for $ 6-10) and quality. Residents are very proud of their vineyards. The festival ticket cost $ 10 when buying online. At the entrance you are given a glass with which you can taste the wine at various points. A huge platform, live music, contests and gifts. It is not necessary to buy wine at all, you can simply taste it on different stands from different manufacturers. However, usually at such festivals, wine will cost a little more than in supermarkets or liquor stores.

There are whole wine tours, when you pay about $ 100 per person, you are met by a bus with a guide and takes you to the wineries. In our city of Perth is a very popular tour of Swan Valley – the region where the wineries are most. Also there they brew beer, cider and there is a chocolate factory.


My favorite store is, of course, H & M. The prices are quite high, but you can always find a department with big discounts. Recently, I was skimping on $ 60: I bought 2 blouses, a denim jacket and jewelry. At the same time, the denim jacket was originally 50 bucks, and I took it for 15. I was very pleased.

Local girls are not particularly soared about the style. The usual clothes of Australian young ladies are sports leggings with t-shirts and sneakers. Many wear stretched jumpers and kengurushki. But there are very stylish girls. Often they work in offices and dress elegantly and neatly. In the evenings, during the release, people dress up in the literal sense, not according to the weather. Now in Australia the cold season, the temperature at night is 10 degrees. But you can see girls in short dresses with bare shoulders and sandals. At a time when I wear shoes and a leather jacket.

There is still such a huge store called Kmart. Everything's there. From food, cosmetics, shoes, clothes, bags to all household goods. T-shirts can be purchased at 5 bucks, pants and shirts 10-15. For local, this store is just a rescue. Do you want to get dressed cheap – go to Keymart. If you wish, there you can grab a table and a coffee machine.

Every average Australian has a car. The most popular car brand is Holden. This is an Australian brand. There are also a lot of sports bikes. Many Australians prefer to go to work on bikes, as parking is free for them. For cars, parking for the day will cost $ 10-15.

In Australia, very expensive medicine. If there is no local insurance, you will have to pay $ 100 for the reception of an ordinary doctor. And this is only for the visit, without medication. But the medicine here is very good. Doctors are professionals in their field. To put a seal on one tooth will cost $ 200. It is better to treat all teeth in Ukraine – it will be much cheaper.

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