Oscar – 2019: the most beautiful dresses on the red carpet

This night, in Los Angeles, there was the 91st ceremony for the presentation of the main international film award Oscar. This year, the creators of the award tried to desperately intrigue the public with innovations, which consisted, for example, in the absence of the presenter (more than 14 celebrities went on stage with the mission to award) also postponing the date of the event (this year, Oscar refused to be the traditional film awards summing up predictable results). Despite all this, there were no big surprises on the prize scene. The creators of the films “Roma”, “Bohemian Rhapsody” and others, about which we have already written, took their sparkling statues. And the main prize and the title of “Best Film of the Year” went to the “Green Book” film.

But the red carpet traditionally pleased us with the evening exits of actresses. This time, the trend was a closed cut, long sleeve, pink color and metal accessories.

Charlize Theron

As always, she laid the world at her feet on the red carpet of the Oscars, beauty Charlize Theron. The actress surprised fans of a new hairstyle with dark chocolate hair color and as simple a sneak as possible, which further emphasized the luxury and at the same time the conciseness of her dress from the fashion house Dior, whose Charlize muse has been for many years. The fitted silhouette, the most closed fit (not including the cut-out surprise on the back) and the noble gray-blue tint turned the actress into a synonym for elegance.

Emma Stone

The contract with the fashion house Louis Vuitton is not the first year in a row does not allow Emma Stone to appear on the red carpet in the outfits of other brands. But this fact does not upset the actress, there is always something special for her in the collections of the brand. For example, a dress embroidered with sequins with voluminous shoulders and a print-scales nominee was very much to the face. Especially, considering how the amber color of the dress echoes Emma's hair color, which has again become a brown-haired one.

Jennifer Lopez

The most accurate definition of the image of Jennifer Lopez on the red carpet gave a telegram channel about the fashion “Good mornig, Karl!”, Ironically calling it “woman – disco ball”. Like Charlize Theron, the actress made a bet on the closeness of the costume, including a long sleeve and a stand-up collar. However, the texture of the dress, created as if from a thousand mirror shards, which simply dazzled in the sun, made J Lo one of the most catchy images of the evening.

Helen Mirren

73-year-old Helen Mirren, despite her respectful age, does not cease to receive praise from fashion critics and does not leave the ratings of the most stylish celebrities. This year, the legendary actress for the appearance on the stage of "Oscar", where she was paired with Jason Momoa the honor to announce one of the winners, decided not to lag behind her young partner. Although she joked that she and Momoa had not agreed on the choice of costume, both took to the stage in bows in a pink color scheme – by the way, very relevant this season. Mirren chose a Schiaparelli Haute Couture dress from light translucent fabric with a flying skirt. The emphasis is naturally on iridescent pink with coral color.

Rachel Weiss

The star of the movie "Favorite", pregnant Rachel Weiss did not become shy, and arrived on the red carpet in a bright scarlet dress from the brand Givenchy. In addition to the uncompromising color of the outfit, the combination of several fabrics in it was unusual – a light organza skirt and a much more daring patent leather top. The connecting thread was a floral appliqué on the waist all in the same colorful color.

Lady Gaga

Most of the spectators and fashion editors were waiting for the appearance of Lady Gaga on the red carpet, each of the last exits of which became a real hit. This time, the actress, who was nominated for Best Actress, relied on an image in the style of Old Hollywood, appearing in a dramatic bow – a black dress from Alexander McQueen with a hyper-volumetric hip line, emphasizing the waist, full skirt and leather gloves.

Laura harrier

The young actress and muse of fashion insiders Laura Harrier, who starred in the film nominee “Black Clanman”, also aroused the enthusiasm of the public. The star appeared in a sky-colored dress by Louis Vuitton, embroidered with a pattern of stones. The final point in the image put the emphasis on the waist in the form of a thin metal belt.

Irina Shayk

Support his beloved Bradley Cooper, who almost got a statuette for "Best Actor", came to his bride Irina Shayk and the mother of the actor. The model with ideal forms continued the obvious trend of this year, choosing a rather modest black dress with long sleeves and closed neckline from Burberry, which was decorated with metal accessories with chains in the form of a belt and fringes on the sleeves.

Amy adams

Last year at the Oscars there were significantly more dresses in white and white and silver. But this year, some actresses decided to bet on the most safe and solemn palette. So, Amy Adams appeared in a sophisticated white dress with a metal zigzag pattern on it.

Sarah Paulson

Unusual dress model for the main film event of the year was chosen by actress Sarah Paulson. Brandon Maxwell's outfit of bright fuchsia with seductive slits at the waist, a top and a full skirt, looked even avant-garde. Nevertheless, many fashion critics praised the actress for such a bold choice.

Tessa thompson

Someone had to give a tribute to the deceased last week, Karl Lagerfeld. And this made Tessa Thompson, wearing a luxurious black dress Chanel, made as if from a reaped fabric, tied with golden ribbons. By the way, making couture outfit took as much as 225 hours!

Casey Musgraves

Singer Casey Musgraves also decided to bet on pink, but chose a more subtle shade and a romantic reading of the image. In an airy Giambattista Valli dress with multi-tiered ruffles on the skirt and multi-layered puffy sleeves, she looked like a doll from a fairy tale. Complementing the lyrical image is a detailed belt in the form of an ornament-bow, covered with stones.

Olivia Coleman

The main star of the evening was Olivia Coleman, who received the main award for "Best Actress" in the movie "Favorite". At the ceremony, she appeared in a dark green dress from Prada, the severity of which was balanced by a transparent shawl with sleeves and a bow on the back, decorated with floral embroidery.

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