Musical note: How to choose "your" flavor

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To undergo olfactory diagnostics, you need to fill out a small questionnaire with data, including gender and age, as well as indicate your perfume preferences, naming the most iconic scents for you – the ones you used five and three years ago, as well as the one you wear now. After that, based on the data received, the system will show which aroma groups (oriental, floral, chypre, etc.) and which notes are closest to you, and will offer five aromas to choose from. Having distributed them on a scale from -5 to +5, you will "go" to the next level of diagnosis and again get five perfumes for evaluation. In principe, this is possible until the sense of smell is tired or you meet “the same” aroma. To do this, of course, is most convenient and most interesting, being directly in the boutique. But if you want, you can go through olfactory diagnostics online: a set of five “first level” probes will cost you 300 hryvnias, and if you subsequently purchase any of the proposed flavors, the costs of the testers are compensated.

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But be that as it may, even if it seems to you that you have already “met” your only fragrance, you should not rush into the pool with your head and immediately acquire the treasured bottle. Ask the tester for consultants and live with him for five to seven days. Let the fragrance merge with your skin, feel how it opens from the heat of the body. Perfume experts recommend a “test drive” of the desired aroma in several stages. First apply it on a pashmina or cashmere sweater. Clothing best "holds" the aroma and at the same time does not change the initial idea of ​​the perfumer, as our skin does. The nature of the aroma sound on the body depends on a whole set of factors – from the hormonal background or your diet that day to the weather and even mood. That is why “checking” perfume on the skin is best in different conditions for several days. If the stars converge – you will find your most faithful companion for many years. He will emphasize your personality and complement it, put the necessary accents in the image, and most importantly – will be with you in grief and joy.

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