Mirror lip gloss, sun-prolonging milk and other beauty novelties of the week

Multifunctional balm for face and body, milk to prolong tanning, cooling stick for the eye contour, masks with collagen and snail mucin and other novelties of the week – in our review.

Lip gloss Ecstasy Mirror, Giorgio Armani (2 950 rubles)

If the name Ecstasy Mirror is not enough to fall in love with a new product from Giorgio Armani, then here are a couple more reasons. This lip gloss contains ethylcellulose, a cellulose derivative that creates a long lasting, lightweight, mirror-like finish. In addition, the product contains a combination of wax, paste and wax-like substance, which provide gentle care for the lips (almost like a balm). Choose from nine luminous shades from neutrals to deep reds.

Our favorite is Ectasy # 402 from the Barbara Palvin campaign.

Updated collection of Body Wash & Body Milk, Frederic Malle (from 4 400 rubles)

The Rose & Cuir collection from Frederic Malle has a shower gel. It smells divine (like all other products of the line) – notes of powdery rose, leather, vetiver and cedar, and black currant gives sourness. The pyramid also contains special extracts of timut pepper and bourbon geranium – these are new perfume ingredients specially made at the request of Jean-Claude Ellen, the creator of the composition.

The richness of the aroma is achieved through the use of isobutylquinoline, a forgotten component today, which was first synthesized at the beginning of the 20th century and was actively used by perfumers in the 1950s. Initially, the perfume was inspired by the scent of the “star of Holland”, a purple-red rose from the garden of Edmond Roudnitsk himself – the famous perfumer, author of Diorissimo from Dior. The result is a composition dedicated to a rose, but much more modern, and not like from a grandmother’s chest.

Tonal serum Serum de Teint, Biologique Recherche (7 400 rubles)

For three years, researchers at the French company Biologique Recherche have been developing their first serum with a toning effect. The product not only evens out skin tone, but also cares for it, moisturizing and protecting.

I would like to talk about the last function separately. Thanks to the active ingredients in its composition, which have photoprotective properties and fight pollution, a “film” forms on the skin surface, preventing the penetration of polluting particles and free radicals that are formed under the influence of solar radiation (UV rays, blue light, infrared radiation). So after application, the skin is hydrated for a long time and protected from aggressive external factors.

Sérum de Teint is available in five different shades. Finding the right one will not be difficult.

Multifunctional balm for face and body CeqRX Derma Fense Multi Coating Balm, Dr. Gloderm (1 820 RUB.)

The main mission of Dr. Gloderm multifunctional balm is to moisturize the skin. Squalene, linoleic, palmitic and oleic acids are responsible for this effect. It works great on chapped lips, dry elbows or cuticles. It is also useful for creating yoga skin – for this you need to apply it to the cheekbones. The novelty, like all the brand’s products, was developed with the participation of 54 dermatologists from South Korea.

Foundation Surratt Beauty, BeHiPO (4 790 rubles)

Finally, the cosmetics of the Japanese brand Surratt Beauty appeared in Russia. The brand was founded by celebrity makeup artist Troy Surratta, who works with Charlize Theron, Adele and Uma Thurman. The brand’s bestseller is a foundation with a built-in brush applicator. It is a primer, base and brush in one product. The tone is perfectly even, the pores are visually smoothed, and the coating itself lasts all day. One “but” – the brush itself cannot be removed, so cleaning it is problematic.

A range of products for men Nuxe Men (from 775 rubles per product)

The French cosmetics brand Nuxe has introduced a new range of products for men, Nuxe Men. It includes Men Nuxellence firming anti-aging emulsion (it nourishes and tones the skin, smoothing wrinkles), Men Deodorant 24Hr Protection roll-on deodorant, Anti-Irritation Shaving Gel, eliminating irritation, Men Eye Cream against puffiness and dark circles under eyes, as well as Men Shower Gel with extracts of oak and hornbeam buds.

Milk for prolonging tanning Tan Prolonging Body Lotion, Institut Esthederm (4 929 rubles)

Summer (as sad as it may sound) is running out, but how do you want to keep your golden tan. Milk from Institut Esthederm will help you in this difficult task. It moisturizes and soothes the skin after sun exposure, absorbs quickly and leaves the skin feeling velvety.

Cellular water helps restore pH and maintain cellular balance. Hypotaurin, carnosine and citric acid protect against free radicals, while vitamin E, wheat proteins and soy protein nourish and soften.

Cooling stick for the eye contour Optim-Eyes, Filorga (2 503 RUB.)

Many of us increasingly feel like a miracle woman in an effort to keep up with everything and solve many tasks every day: at the same time, we practically do not tear ourselves away from the screens of gadgets, working hours are getting longer (hello, remote!), And the time for sleep is shortening … Scientists have calculated that a person “lacks” about 316 hours of sleep per year, and this affects the condition of the skin.

Filorga experts have unveiled a duo of innovative eye contour products to erase traces of fatigue and stress and restore radiance to your eyes. They’ve revamped the Optim-Eyes eye contour revitalizing formula and now paired with an instant refreshing stick.

The cream of the ingredients here contains the polyphenol chrysin against dark circles, peptides with a tonic effect against edema, low molecular weight hyaluronic acid obtained by biofermentation from wheat bran, against wrinkles.

The stick consists of a tonic sea extract (it acts like an ice cube), and the same low molecular weight hyaluronic acid is used as a moisturizing component. Reflective particles are responsible for restoring natural radiance.

Masks with collagen and snail mucin, Minyeo (279 rubles)

In the era of Kore, in a distant mountain village, there was a source of Minyeo (translated from Korean for “beauty”). It was believed that if you wash your face with water from this source and compliment his spirit, he will reward the suffering one with unprecedented beauty. It is difficult to say whether this is true or one of the legends of that time, but one thing is known: after centuries, a factory was built on the territory of this village and began to produce cosmetic products. A set of Minyeo masks from among them. They are made on the basis of water from the same source, and collagen and snail mucin are also added.

The first makes the skin smoother, restores firmness and elasticity, removes signs of fatigue. A mask with snail mucin, hyaluronic and glycolic acid, allantoin and vitamins A, E, B relieves puffiness, promotes healing of microcracks and nourishes the skin.

Experts assure that when using their courses, you can get a result comparable to the effect of invasive cosmetic procedures. Beauty hack from professionals: apply a mask to a steamed face. The enlarged pores will become more receptive, allow the active substances to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, and the effectiveness will increase significantly. Minyeo products can be purchased at Wildberries and Ozon online stores.

Shower gels with aloe and olive, Dove (219 rubles)

The new Dove shower gels, thanks to the action of plant-based components – glycerin, stearic and palmitic acids – help the skin maintain its natural moisture level throughout the day, and restore the lipid barrier.

Two ingredients were added to the formula – aloe (+ birch sap) and olive oil. Along with two new products, the brand has updated the packaging and composition of the rest of the line of gels: now they moisturize and cleanse the skin even more effectively while taking a shower.

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