Mindful running, cyber fitness, and 5 more top sports trends

Over the past decade, many new sports trends have emerged, including meditation apps, lunchtime HIIT workouts, and even goat yoga. Compiled a guide to new activities and identified seven major fitness trends.


Cycling studios in Russia are opening one after another. Moreover, many brands began to produce home exercise bikes that connect to the Internet, so you can ride your favorite track in the company of like-minded people. For example, a Peloton bike with a 22-inch touchscreen can be ridden with a professional instructor and can even be raced interactively.

The popularity of this trend has not diminished for many years, since such training is absolutely safe (there is no shock and axial load).

When exercising on Life Fitness IC machines, an ecosystem is created within the group workout, where all participants are connected to the team base. And on the screen, they see picturesque tracks, which are divided into power zones. With such activity, the body’s ability to endure any stress for a long time develops, – says Ruslan Panov, expert methodologist and coordinator of the direction of group programs X-Fit in Russia.

Percussion and vibration massage devices

With this device, muscle tension or chronic pain can be relieved. Percussive therapy (English percussive) stimulates blood flow to the veins, increases mobility and prevents muscle strain. Thus, the body recovers better from fitness and returns to normal work faster.

It has been proven that the body achieves the best results if it recovers properly. Muscles in hypertonicity do not adapt well to stress, and a plateau effect occurs. Vibration and high-frequency tremors (percussion) allow you to deeply affect any muscle groups, eliminating blocks and spasms-triggers. And light stroking while the massager is working helps to turn on non-working muscles, of which there are many in every body (for example, stabilizers).

Psychological preparation

This fitness trend promotes a holistic approach in which body and mind are trained and harmonized equally. Many studios also offer psychological training in addition to standard physical activity: massage, breathing and meditation exercises. They contribute to overall well-being and research has shown to increase concentration.

The easiest way to relieve psychological stress and teach the nervous system to spend energy is if you tune in to relaxation. This is important because the nervous system also expends energy and triggers hormonal processes. The ability to breathe correctly, to be aware of body movements through breathing, gives such a setting in which the production of adrenaline decreases and serotonin increases. It improves immunity. A properly functioning nervous system controls the body correctly, which leads to a gradual improvement in health,

– the expert notes.

There are many health benefits to meditation, which is why experts advise incorporating it into your workouts. On the eve of the New Year, our lives are getting busier than ever, and we rarely take time for ourselves. Fifteen minutes of HIIT followed by fifteen minutes of meditation can be life changing very quickly.

New yoga (HIIT yoga)

There is a suitable style for every taste. One technique combines high-intensity interval training and yoga. Basically, such training improves the body’s mobility and flexibility, as well as increases endurance. The method is built according to the interval principle of time intervals: exercises of high intensity (jumps, high tempo of asanas, statics) and exercises for the development of flexibility are combined.

Glide fit

Training on special platforms in the water, combining elements of functional training with balance exercises – this is the same functional training.

Improved stability, responsiveness, coordination and body awareness are all promised by the trendy new Glide Fit workout. Stability exercises in water are performed while standing or lying on the board. This activity is suitable for people of all skill levels. There are many board workout options, from cardio to yoga to abdominal workouts.

Cyber ​​fitness

Classes using virtual reality technologies are now gaining momentum. There is equipment specially designed for training with virtual reality glasses.

The transformation of cycling into a race on a motorcycle or jet ski is very exciting, and running in the cities of the world is much more interesting than just on a treadmill. The only inconvenience is that it is not recommended to train for a long time, as the vestibular apparatus is overloaded.

Conscious running

Running was and remains one of the most popular workouts, but here too, the approach changes over and over again. The load of the impact on the surface is evenly distributed over the foot and is gently damped from the heel to the toes. Since a person spends a lot of time on their feet, the entire load on them will affect the spine and compensatory posture. Therefore, it is so important to consciously approach not only running, but even walking. And, as a result, understand how the load affects the body.

Experts advise leaning against a tree for five minutes before jogging, listening to the sounds, and smelling the forest (if jogging is in nature). After your run, breathing exercises or gentle massage can be helpful.

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