Matte finish, multi-colored jacket and 3 more autumn trends in manicure

We have already talked about the fall trends in makeup and hairstyles, it’s time for a manicure. Collected 5 trends that will be relevant this season.

Olive hues, earthy neutrals and gem-inspired deep tones are the hottest nail polish colors this fall, but what about designs? Let’s figure it out together with the experts.

Multicolored jacket

French manicure is, of course, one of the fashionable options that suits every day, but to diversify the laconic design, you can use all the colors of the rainbow on the tips of your nails. Experts advise choosing muted tones over neon, traditionally summer shades.

You can also play with a solid base coat, replacing the milky shade with any other pastel (soft pink, light purple, gray). There are many alternative options, you just have to look at them, especially since French manicure is the best design option if you want to visually lengthen your nails,

– Natalya Ermakova, an expert teacher of the i like Nails beauty salon chain, says.

Asymmetrical design

Do you want to get a manicure like a catwalk model? Then you should pay attention to the asymmetrical patterns on the nails. For nail masters, this is not a problem, it remains only to choose from the variety of shades and patterns that exist.

Asymmetrical designs on nails are very popular, so this season we will see chaotic lines of different shapes with different designs on each hand.

The nail plate is usually completely painted over with a monochromatic coating, and a bright multi-colored pattern of geometric shapes serves as a bright accent. This design is unique due to its extravagance and violation of prohibitions. Manicure is done very easily and quickly, and this is its main charm,

– the expert comments on the trend.

Matte finish

If earlier matte manicure was done mainly in dark and nude shades, today the matte effect is used in bright and light colors. And in the fall, such a coating adds a little warmth and comfort. Choose from the classic red to brown, with hundreds of different matte foundations or top coats available from beauty brands. Such nail art can be complemented with small neat rhinestones or sparkles.

Minimalist nail art

Minimalism became super popular last year and is still not losing ground. A small design like a small dot on the ring finger, waves or lines will add variety to a solid color finish. They can be found on each nail or on the ring and middle fingers. You can also make strokes of varnish, small lettering, stickers – any color accents will look stylish if you don’t overdo it.

Rhinestone accents

For lovers of extraordinary solutions, a manicure with rhinestones is suitable. Such nail art always looks appropriate, but the main thing is to know when to stop and not to exaggerate with an abundance of decor. The design may not be performed on all fingers, but this, of course, depends on the size of the rhinestones: if they are small, they can be placed on each nail, and if large enough, it is worth fixing them on one or two.

Much also depends on the reason. If this is an everyday manicure, a couple of beads at the base of the nail are enough, and if it is an evening or festive one, then you can afford more shine. And also the glitter design is a simple, but at the same time effective way to mask external defects and irregularities of the plates,

– says the expert.

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