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The fashion press finally calls for changing millennial pink to something new and fresh, and it offers an alternative to sunny yellow – according to some sources, the favorite color of the Z generation. The color of dandelions, sunflowers, apples and sun bunnies seems worthy of us to diversify our summer wardrobe. Ukrainian brands offer great options on how to do this.


Yellow color and multi-layered ruffles – this dress from the Andreeva brand combines two hot trends of the season at once. Dress with fluttering frill-petals, and in color and texture, reminiscent of a dandelion – perfect for a graduation party, social event, rooftop parties or for romantic walks barefoot.

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Another trend of the summer is volume hoodies, and the more the better. It is so comfortable in the evenings to walk around the city or the sea coast, and in the afternoon – even to go about business. And while maintaining the correct degree of negligence, as if in a hurry, put on a boyfriend's sweater over his own clothes. The same principle works in the rules for combining hoodies – skinny, bikes, leggings, shorts – anything that balances shapeless volume will do. Tago has a bright summer hoodie: yellow and a detachable sleeve are good reasons to replenish your summer wardrobe.

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The coat

The Coat dress-coat from The Coat is just the very necessary thing for girls who travel a lot and want to feel comfortable at home everywhere. A sunny robe with an authentic volumetric pattern is a compromise that allows you not to carry the entire wardrobe around the world, but to use The Coat's design ingenuity. It can be worn as an evening outfit, as a cloak for jeans, shorts or as outer clothing. In general, just like at home you wrap yourself in a bathrobe over what you are dressed in and feel like in the arms of a cloud, so this caftan can be worn on top of anything, adding an image of bright touches and relaxation.

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Drag & drop

Yellow is not necessarily the sun, flowers, citruses, or something else incredibly sweet. Sometimes yellow can be deliberately sexual. The Drag & Drop brand knows this best of all, the collection of which has a yellow skirt with a python print and a strap with a daring inscription “sexy” – for urban predators. In such a skirt, it will be difficult for you to compete at any party.

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If for some non-obvious reasons you are afraid to wear yellow in a total bow, then bright intersperses in the image can be added using accessories and shoes. Marsala mustard-colored mules are perfect shoes that can easily be spent all summer. On especially hot days, leather mules will comfortably sparkle with your heels, and on cool evenings they can be worn on colored socks – yes, the designers allowed this “country” option to be used in urban conditions.

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In the capricious season, when rain can change the sun several times a day, a light lemon-colored raincoat from Navro is an ideal find. Firstly, a cloak is that thing which fashion does not pass on, and it can be worn for years. And secondly, the Navro cloaks are equipped with special straps, which in case of heat turn the cloak into a “wing” cloak that is comfortable to wear on the back, instead of occupying your hands with outer clothing.

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Large geometric ornaments are the easiest way to make any everyday look boring, level the lack of makeup and save time on styling. So, white-yellow earrings from Sayya will take all the attention into themselves and any other minor flaws will almost cease to be noticeable almost magically.

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Marianna senchina

May weather already allows you to put on short dresses and tops with an open back and neckline. That's why a yellow check top from Marianna Senchina trimmed with naive ruffles is the best alternative to shirts and strict blouses. Proof that you should not be afraid that ruffles will make your image too infantile are asymmetrical straps with the inscription "Flower Power". You can combine the top with a skirt and heels (if you want), and with white denim and sneakers. And in both cases, look spectacular and in reality, and in the Instagram feed.

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Darja dononezz

Actual trends of the season still do not let go of the 80s, bearing the message about the phenomenon of that time – self-made woman. Dress like Darja Donezz, a bold yellow shade, not afraid of what they say about him, with puff sleeves and asymmetrical drapery is simply obliged to be in the wardrobe of an active modern girl who manages to do everything – combine several work and several hobbies, raise children and attend all the main parties of the city.

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May officially opened the season of vacations, trips, bike rides and adventures. And to meet the fun is very inconvenient with a bag in hand. Only a capacious backpack will help to free them. Bright and functional you can order from the brand Grie.

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