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They say that a house can tell more about its owner than a person. Every detail is eloquent in it – from the amount of light and dominant materials, to a combination of forms and the presence of the smallest details that have gained new meaning with the relevance of various fashionable philosophies, such as hygge, wabi-sabi or gluggavedur. For example, a vase is considered a small but integral part in any room. We tell where to get the most unusual from the Ukrainian brands, and what kind of housing they fit.

Interior: boho

While we studied the boho style far and wide with examples of street style stars, he smoothly moved into the dwellings. Creative individuals who can not stand the boredom in anything, began to decorate their houses in bright colors, combining them with eclecticism, unusual textiles, hand-made and vintage furniture. Any decor in such a house should resemble an art object made by hand, whether it be a patchwork carpet or a vase. You can find the right one in the workshop of Maistrenko Ceramics. Ceramic vase, molded like a thousand petals, perfectly complement the space in the style of boho.

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Interior: Bauhaus

In the Bauhaus style, those who hate displays of luxury and excess and decorate simple lines, conciseness, universal and practical solutions, modern materials and geometric forms decorate their homes. Typically, these apartments do not honor the decorative elements, considering them a waste of space. But vases from the brand NOOM, withstanding ideal geometric shapes, inspired by the works of Malevich, just fit into a discreet Bauhaus.

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Interior: avant-garde

Unusual furniture and bold colors, unique forms and modern materials, contrast and unusual combinations of furniture – this is how you can recognize the avant-garde style that passed from the canvases of artists to the interior in the first half of the twentieth century. If you see your home in this description, it means that colorful vases, as if made of compressed material, created by sculptor Vahan Avakian, will surely suit your taste.

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Interior: bionics

The relationship with nature and new technological advances – that is what the bionics style in the interior consists of. Structural structure, unusual zoning techniques, functionality, wood and natural materials are inherent in such progressive stylization. For those to whom this design seems close, you should look at a figured vase made of wood from Woodville, in which simplicity and a non-standard form are combined with naturalness.

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Interior: Brutalism

If you live by the principle of logic and assertiveness, and transfer these principles even to housing, then surely it is designed in the style of brutalism. Brickwork, stone and concrete, restraint in furniture and decor, as well as all shades of gray in the design – all this creates the same controversial, but eye-catching style. In such a home, of course, it is difficult to imagine flowers, except that dry flowers. But they need an unusual vase. The Pottery Magic brand has one – with an imperfect shape and a seemingly unfinished finish.

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Interior: grunge

The interior grunge was initiated by the French, who were tired of high life and bourgeois luxury. They traded it for cozy dwellings with laconic furnishings. Grunge features "exposed" walls of brick, tile or natural wood. Carelessly polished beams, artificial rubbing, whitewashed wood – all this is also characteristic features of grunge design. But despite some wild nature and deliberate negligence in design, attention is paid to details in this style – elegant furniture and restrained decor. For example, handmade vases from Yuri Mirko perfectly complement the interior.

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Interior: Country

A truly cozy atmosphere is a home with a village flavor, reminiscent of a carefree childhood spent visiting a grandmother or at a country cottage. To recreate the same island of harmony and heat in the city, in the apartment should prefer natural materials, not too screaming palette, and the space should be supplemented not only with universal furniture, but also with additional items such as chests, dressers, benches. Details play an important role here: embroidered tablecloths, copper utensils, earthenware, wooden and porcelain animal figures. A vase in the shape of a partridge, which seems to be about to fly away from the table, will be a great accent. This can be found in the brand Faina Design.

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Interior: industrial

If the rustic cosiness is not at all for you, because you adore the impetuous rhythm of the big city and any manifestations inherent in it that can attract only the residents of megalopolises. Then you are definitely a fan of spacious lofts decorated with simple modern materials and multifunctional furniture, which can be unusual objects: drawers, step-ladders that have failed but retain pleasant memories. In this realm of concrete walls, metal structures and finishes of aged wood, bouquets of fresh flowers in a vase from MurMur Ceramics will look harmonious, with the same touch of carelessness.

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