Made in Ukraine: unusual embroidered dresses that combine tradition and modernity


Today, on the third Thursday of May, we traditionally celebrate Embroidered Day – a holiday that calls for maintaining the traditions of creating and wearing ethnic embroidered Ukrainian clothes. We, like many fashionistas around the world, willingly support this initiative, especially since the embroidered shirt has not left the summer wardrobe for a season, and the designers are finding new options for how to adapt national motifs to the modern cut. Many Ukrainian brands can find classic embroideries for every taste. But today we have chosen from their collections those that harmoniously combine traditions and modern trends, finding a new response from modern admirers and capturing new symbols and traditions.


We already talked about the fact that yellow is one of the main shades of this summer. Therefore, a linen maxi dress with the poetic name “Kiss of the Sun” is the best thing you can take on vacation with you to look stunning against the backdrop of sea landscapes with a cool cocktail in one hand and Ray Bradbury's story “Dandelion Wine” in the other. Despite the modern cut and bright colors, the embroidery on the dress displays elements of the Novobassan rushnik of the Chernihiv region, where the main detail is a rose – a symbol of purity, love, beauty and mercy. The yellow color here, by the way, also does not correspond to Pantone trends (although it does not interfere with one another), but symbolizes gold, wheat, honey and serves as a talisman, responsible for the sun, heat and wealth in the house.

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In 2018, it should be noted that embroidery has evolved and does not always carry the authentic traditions that were laid in the national costume several centuries ago. But the modern vision of embroidered designers allows us to come up with new traditions for them. So, the Etnodim brand, along with more classic versions of embroidered shirts, offers their new reading. For example, a sand-colored button-down dress with elegant coffee embroidery will become a favorite of your summer wardrobe, especially if you prefer a nude palette to bright colors and catchy accents in your image. And this dress can bring you luck without sacred symbolism.

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Fortunately, the modern choice of fabrics does not limit manufacturers in their possibilities. Therefore, the collection of the Plahta brand has dresses with embroidery in an authentic style, executed on airy translucent tulle – one of the actual textures. Delicate embroidery of white roses, assembled in a geometric ornament, symbolize the beauty and girlish attractiveness. Trying on this flying dress and feeling like a porcelain figurine in it, you understand that it is. An ideal thing for romantic walks!

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Faina Vishivanka

Only one detail – and the traditional embroidered shirt, which may seem unsuitable for the living conditions of city bustle, turns into the most comfortable and functional wardrobe item for every day. The spacious cut and the tulle peeking out from under the dress freshly and unusually outplay the trend for layering.

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Varenyky fashion

Another modern interpretation of embroidery is linen jumpsuit from Varenyky Fashion. Continuing the original design of the embroidered shirt, its current cut is complemented by the total black color scheme, which in the old days could have negative interpretations. However, today the world’s fashionable context, in which Ukrainian embroidered shirts must exist, defines a completely different mood for black color and gives it new meanings. Moreover, even in such an uncompromising range, the ornament is made in the Richelieu technique, where the main symbol has become a tulip, singing pure love and recognition of feelings. In general, if you hope that the date goes well, this embroidered jumpsuit will definitely withstand the dress code.

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Cosa Dereza

We are used to the fact that even modern embroideries are a bright or monochrome floral embroidery. But in the national ornament there were also geometric patterns. Graphic signs denoted natural phenomena, such as the sun, water or symbols denoting a particular good. These same graphic motifs formed the basis of embroidery on the dress in a modern style from the Koz-Dereza brand, which will appeal to those who want to somehow diversify bouquet prints.

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Blue lion

The Blue Lion brand has found another way to weave an embroidered shirt into a modern wardrobe, turning it into a cardigan. Throwing a blue linen cloak over your shoulders with magnificent sleeves embroidered with the ancient Poltava smooth surface over denim, you are as if giving a new life to Ukrainian traditional clothes. On the other hand, even if you do not take into account the motives of the national costume, such a thing is a great alternative to various jackets and blazers from the 90s, which are now held in high esteem by street style-mods.

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The 2kolyory brand specializing in embroidery designs also demonstrates the variety of possible variations on how traditional embroidery may look on clothes today. So, the brand offers a fitted dress with a geometric print, on top of which is embroidered, borrowed from our ancestors from the time of the Cossacks. Floral ornamentation has long been regarded as a unity with nature and a source of positive energy. Therefore, even in a modern way, embroidery can serve as a talisman, symbolizing grace, health, strength, thirst for life. Such a dress – both in cut and in message will become a winning option for a variety of working wardrobe, which nevertheless requires some restraint and does not allow too bright patterns, as on traditional embroideries.

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Another unexpected interpretation of the embroidery is the brand “Vilni PEOPLE”, which imposed multi-colored embroidery with floral patterns on a laconic gray kimono with a black belt. Yes, if you consider that more than a hundred years ago Ukrainian girls wore an embroidered shirt exclusively under a skirt or sundress, today the embroidered shirt has been one of the hottest summer trends for several seasons in a row and even wears a swimsuit. Therefore, a kimono is an ideal outlet for beach walks.

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The boldest embodiment of embroidery with a national ornament is offered by the VALA brand. His daring vision is a tunic dress made of gray translucent fabric, on top of which a floral embroidery with black ornament is applied. An original version of how ethnic motifs and the transparency trend can coexist in the arsenal of the most brave fashionistas.

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Mrii Marії

A long A-line sundress with a nice geometric handmade embroidery can become an alternative to generously embroidered waist-high embroidered dresses, which a couple of seasons ago were one of the main incarnations of Boho-chic, referring to the folk motifs of the 70s. The brand “Mrii Marii” has a different interpretation of boho – for those who prefer minimalism and simple lines, while worshiping ethics. Such a sundress will become the personification of the cruise bow, as well as comfortable clothing for street festivals.

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This list would not be complete without the main Ukrainian brand, which made embroideries a favorite of the wardrobe of famous girls of the world – VITA KIN. For several years, VITA KIN embroidered shirts have been worn by the most influential fashion figures – from Maryna Poroshenko to Anna Delo Russo. This summer, we are in love with saturated color dresses with plain embroidery, in which you can live all summer, adding to them only with a wicker basket and bright mules.

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