Made in Ukraine: underwear that will make you feel at your best

Since spring is coming tomorrow (I can’t even believe it!), We decided that this is an excellent reason to replenish the collection of underwear and to raise our spirits. It was not for nothing that director Viktor Fleming, while filming Gone With the Wind, insisted that Vivien Leigh put on the most luxurious underwear that one could find. To her question “Why? He will not be visible, ”he replied:“ Let no one see what is under your dress, but you will feel like a queen when you put on the most beautiful lingerie. And that is what those around you will feel. ”

Surprisingly, this rule still works. Therefore, we chose the most stylish underwear with a spring mood among Ukrainian brands, and also remembered a few quotes about female beauty and sexuality – for inspiration.

Lola bra

Mason Cooley: "To become sexy, nudity needs at least a corner of underwear."

The brand Lola Bra can find a set of laconic underwear of a bright red hue, which, by the way, according to the tradition of the Italians brings good luck. In this it is impossible not to feel your own confidence, and the topu-bra can be allowed to look out a little from under the jacket, sweater or transparent dress.

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Leon lingerie

Ian Fleming: "A woman must always remain an illusion."

The Leon lingerie brand, which has an illustration to the word “illusion”, probably agrees with this. So, black patterns on a nude basis create the impression that intricate openwork patterns are applied simply to the body.

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Robert Byrne: “A woman who believes that the way to a man’s heart lies through her stomach has filled up her geography.”

This expression looks obsolete today. Since modern women no longer consider it necessary to lay at least some paths to the man’s heart. They just want to like themselves. A complete set of Ajour linen in a trendy shade of "green kvezal" to achieve this task is much easier.

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Folie lingerie

Lilya Brik: “We need to impress a man that he is a genius … And to allow him what they do not allow at home. Good shoes and silk underwear will do the rest. ”

To be honest, we do not know how much this advice of Maya Muzykovsky is still working, but agree that a set of beautiful linen is always a good idea. For example, the brand Folie Lingerie has a set with a floral print in subtle shades of lilac and green. If you miss the spring, this option should be considered as the first purchase of the season.

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Sea see you

Richard Smith: “Properly chosen underwear acts no worse than fitness. Unbuttoning the bra burns 67 calories, and all 753 calories if the girl resists. ”

Both sports experts and feminists would argue with this statement. Nevertheless, underwear for sports girls is suitable for more obvious ways to burn calories, and for those who still want to take advice. The brand Sea see you just have it. Comfortable and concise clothes in rich contrasting colors for those who do not like lace and deliberate sexuality.

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Lace up

Tallulah Bankhead: “These are good girls who keep records in their diaries. Bad ones don't have time for this. ”

But those and others will not interfere with a set of lingerie from Lace up in nude color, which ideally combines with the whole range of clothes – and with light pastel colors, and with bold black. With such underwear, you can change the “good / bad” mask several times a day, depending on the situation.

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Hugh Laurie: “People are fed up with perfect beauty. She is tedious and false. Humor is much sexier. Funny is much more attractive. ”

Here we completely agree. Recall at least Bridget Jones, which humor saved in the most awkward situations! Remember her approach to choosing clothes for dates? So, today there is no need to find a compromise between the "grandmother's" trousers and seductive panties. The Leaf brand has a matching floral print shorts that combine comfort, charm and a little bit of irony.

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KRALYA lingerie

Yves Saint Laurent: "Over the years, I realized that the most important thing in a dress is the woman who wears it."

The same can be said about the laundry. Whatever you wear, it is only important how you feel about it. Romantic spring lingerie from KRALYA lingerie does not turn you into another person. But it will definitely give strength and help you become the best version of yourself.

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SMPL underwear

Karin Roitfeld: "I love the combination of masculine and feminine – it is very French, very sexy."

Several generations follow the advice of fashion editor Karin Roitfeld, and we have no reason to not trust them. Therefore, the style lessons from the famous French should be applied even when it comes to underwear. So, in the basic models of SMPL underwear made of organic cotton with a contrasting elastic band, referring to the male boxers, you can look no less seductive than in transparent laces.

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Zhilyova Lingerie

Audrey Divan: “It’s impossible to succeed when you work to please others, but what you do, wanting to please yourself, always has a chance to please someone else.

It seems to us that this is the most universal key to success – to please yourself. Therefore, at least sometimes it is worthwhile to allow yourself beautiful, bold, attractive, unusual, perhaps expensive things, just to look at yourself in a different way. The Zhilyova Lingerie brand has a transparent stretch tulle top that maintains the fine line between clothing and underwear. In this, you will surely have affection for yourself.

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