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The most accurate and comprehensive filter of world trends, Pinterest, informs us that the upcoming autumn-winter season will be one of the top hobbies of megalopolis residents. The reasons for this may be many. For example, not everyone has the opportunity to have a pet, and the flowerpots in the house create at least some kind of feeling of living creatures. And then the green has the property not only to decorate the house with bright colors, but also to purify the air, heal from ailments and relieve the symptoms of depression. Not to mention the comfort in the interior, in which we, the new adherents of the khyugge, especially need in the fall. That is why we decided to view the range of plants that Ukrainian brands offer, choosing the most original options.

The glass garden

Potted sukkuleni still do not give up their positions in the ranking of the most popular plants, giving comfort not only to the home environment, but also to working spaces. Of course, the great merit of such a love for plants that came to us from the hot desert is that they are very unpretentious and do not require much attention, which is an important condition in the conditions of a rich urban rhythm of life. But besides this, a number of medicinal properties are attributed to succulettes – from removing toxins to giving vivacity. Nevertheless, most of us choose them as home decor due to their exotic look. Brand The Glass Garden draws vases in geometric glass vases that look stylish in any interior.

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Brinjal Product

The unusual format of crop production was proposed by the creators of the project Brinjal Product, which produce growing office. Sounds fantastic, agree. In fact, these are ordinary-looking pencils that can be used to write, draw, and embody creative ideas, and when a pencil comes off it will be inconvenient to use it for its intended purpose, instead of throwing it away, it can be planted in a small pot from which real beds grow. plants. The range of what can be grown in the home garden is huge – from mint and arugula to carrots and tomatoes. And most importantly – everything is ecologically clean and absolutely edible.

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In indoor plants, in addition to the plants themselves, the design of their design is important, which would ideally fit into the surroundings of your home. For example, the Goosucc brand sells the most popular now cacti and succulents, but “packs” them in unusual pots – concrete cylinders and boxes with deliberately broken sides. Such a design creates the impression that the pot already tells you some of its history, which is clearly more interesting than your ordinary life.

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The Roslynka brand offers a large selection of flowerpots, florariums and decorative gardening. In addition to bright compositions with orchids, cacti and other greenery, here you can find options for the most lazy owners who love plants, but are often absent from the house and can not provide at least the minimum time for their care. Do you recognize yourself in this description? Then look at the plants in glass frames. Such a herbarium at home will add individuality to the interior, as well as return you to childhood, when the first fallen autumn leaves gathered in a bouquet for mom and dried in textbooks.

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OK brand

Those who are faithful to minimalism in any of its manifestations and for whom the perfect interior is a Scandinavian style or conceptual loft, suitable for flowerpots planted in elegant monochrome pots made of wood and steel. Thanks to their design, it is convenient to grow in them both climbing plants, such as ivy, cissus, diploadieniya, and plants with a long root – cacti, palm trees, various types of citrus. Both the flowerpots themselves and the plants for every taste that will give home life can be ordered from OK brand, whose authors say that their goal is to create plants in such a way that they don’t want to hide the flowers on the windowsill behind the curtains.

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Competition Scandinavian trends now can make only Japanese. As in interior design, fashion, and lifestyle. We have already written that the wabi-sabi philosophy comes to replace the acclaimed hygge. Now the Japanese trends have reached the room decor. Thus, in the world of domestic plants, a kakedama scale takes on – a ball of moss, instead of a pot in which a pot is planted, which came from Japan, where it is called "bonsai for the poor." Kakedams with greens for every taste can be found in the online store Mini-Svit, the creators of which are experts in actual gardening.

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Organic Box

One of the main trends in the crop industry, which the New York Times calls (and we have no reason not to believe it), is a home garden. With the craze for a healthy lifestyle and organic matter, the ability to grow basil, rosemary, lettuce, onions or other edible greens right at home has become a tempting offer. The Organic Box brand offers the most comfortable conditions for this, making special eco-boxes for beds. In such your garden will look stylish, fresh and cozy. In addition to useful greens and sources of vitamins, it is also possible to plant flowers in the pits, building them into lush home beds.

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Hi growth!

The company with the eloquent name "Hi growth!" Will do everything to make your autumn cozy. First, its creators have an offline location with the right coffee and organic tea. And secondly, here you can order handmade pot plants and pots, which will surely add a drop of spring mood to your home. In addition to traditional flowerpots in bright pots, the brand offers to diversify housing with dried flowers, which, again, are an excellent option for the ever-busy residents of the city, who have absolutely no time to take care of the plants.

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Moss decor

Another option to plant your house without making a greenhouse of capricious plants out of it is to decorate the interior with stabilized moss. This is exactly what Moss decor studio is engaged in, from which you can order eco-souvenirs, brand walls, vertical gardening and other types of decor for which only you have enough imagination. The most convenient in moss planting is that it does not require sunlight, watering, fertilizer. And it is hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly, safe even for small children and has noise insulation. So if you are disturbed by thin walls, through which neighbor dogs do not let you sleep, a wall of moss will make your life easier.

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