Made in Ukraine: t-shirts with eloquent inscriptions from Ukrainian brands

Finally, summer is felt in the air, and there is no need to hide the main basic element of the wardrobe under jackets, jackets and bomber jackets. Therefore, concise monochrome t-shirts can be chosen not in a plain palette, but with an eloquent inscription on the chest, which will silently give the people around you the necessary information. We have chosen the most ironic and accurate statements on T-shirts from Ukrainian brands, which will best convey your mood in words on certain occasions.


T-shirt for introverts and people who really value personal space. She kind of speaks for you that you are usually embarrassed to say to strangers who in crowded places – bars, metro, at work – show excessive familiarity to you, grab your hands and intrusively get into your space with their inappropriate questions.

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No love no wine

If you are tired of people who constantly strive to shift the responsibilities of others on you or mercilessly exploit your kindness and willingness to always help, you definitely need a T-shirt where it is written in black and white: "Who needs it and let it go."

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Unicorn valley

A T-shirt with the words “Suck your party” will go well with plain or elaborate jeans, a smart skirt, or formal trousers. And he will give you a person who is a little tired of the busy schedule of social events.

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Eco-friendly t-shirts inspired by the hippie era are made by the Michaelcaggson brand. A T-shirt with a scarlet sign “Sorry, not today” should attract attention, demonstrate a good sense of humor, and also repulse anyone who uses arrogant dating techniques in the season of beach parties.

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But for evenings, when you, on the contrary, are open to new acquaintances and are not averse to accepting treats from strangers, the Aperol addicted t-shirt will clearly indicate your mood and taste preferences. Which, you see, is very convenient, especially in a noisy environment.

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If you used the previous option, then you will need Cabanchicom’s appeal to complement it – a T-shirt with the inscription “Give coffee”, which will fit into the wardrobe of those who measure the amount of coffee they drink in a day, not liters, but cups. According to experts, there is a possibility that in such a place you might even give way to a coffee shop on the way to work.

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TAGO brand has perfect white T-shirts for every (working) day. In collaboration with Frolov, he released a collection devoted to boring office workdays, offering new ideas about the business dress code. A white T-shirt with an ironic inscription in the summer will be a perfect replacement for a white shirt, and your sense of humor will be definitely appreciated by management.

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T-shirt with the print “Tsiluy” evokes allusions to the eternal Ukrainian poetry, reviving in memory the lines from the school poem by Alexander Olesya “Sm_yutsya, cry the nightingale and the first letter in the chest:“ Tsiluy, tsiluy, tsiluy її, – Again, you will not be young ! " Such a T-shirt will envelop the space around you with a romantic flair and will be a good alternative to a naive flower dress on a date.

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Another way to creatively dilute workdays, especially for those who are forced to work in the hot vacation season and are a little tired of the question “How are you?”. Such a T-shirt will accurately illustrate the condition of your wounded soul.

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For those who are tired of following and obeying fashion, living by its strict and rapidly changing rules, constantly worrying about compliance with the fashion community, the Chakshyn brand has a T-shirt with a loud manifesto “No Trends Anymore”. Someone needs to stop this race for trends!

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The inscription on the T-shirt does not always look spectacular if it carries a sarcastic message. Poetic lines of love, like on a Navro T-shirt, will serve as a life-affirming motto and mantra, which, according to the law in visualization, will definitely bring new feelings and dreams into your life.

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