Made in Ukraine: sneakers from Ukrainian brands in the style of famous movie heroines

Sneakers are the most comfortable, functional, practical and stylish shoes, especially during the period of the begun vacations. In addition to classic whites, now Ukrainian brands offer many design variations that will fit into any style. We prove this by the example of bright girls from famous films.


Movie: Stupid

The most fashionable schoolgirl of the 90s Cher Horowitz from the cult comedy "Stupid" is still a fashion icon that serves as an inspiration for fashion brands. She combined her “50 shades” of the cage with neat Mary Jane shoes, because at that time sports shoes were combined only with sportswear. It’s good that these rules of the game have changed and now a stiff or formal business suit can be combined with bright sneakers, like Bondarina’s.

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Movie: “Legally Blonde”

Another unmistakably recognizable movie blonde is El Woods from the famous comedy of the beginning of the "zero" "Legally Blonde." Then the screen image of Reese Witherspoon seemed too infantile. But today, an obsession with pink shades – both in total bows and in combination with red – Vogue magazine calls "new black." Proof of this is the spring-summer collections of Oscar de la Renta, Lanvin, Elie Saab and other brands. Therefore, pink sneakers with floral decor from Kachorovska are impeccable shoes, combined with trousers and dresses, if you use images of "Legally Blonde" as references.

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Film: "Diary of memory"

Vintage images of Ellie from the most romantic film of the 2000s “The Diary of Memory” are also a powerful reference for contemporary designers. Her touching fitted midi dresses can look quite relevant even in modern interpretations of cruise collections. For example, if you combine a similar blue dress of the heroine not with shoes, but with Velluto sneakers to match, you get an excellent vacation outfit for a boat trip.

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Emmelie delage

Movie: “Last Night in New York”

A classic dress in a deep blue shade with a seductive, but not vulgar neckline, like the heroine Kira Knightley Joanna in the melodrama Last Night in New York – the perfect option for dates, evening outings or social dinners for all times. Only this season it can be combined not only with high-heeled shoes, but also with sneakers – for example, the same restrained, but elegant due to varnish inserts, like Emmelie Delage. During romantic walks complete with a trench coat, which was on the heroine in the film, they will even look more appropriate.

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Movie: “Personal Buyer”

In the modern world, even in Chanel, girls were allowed to go down from heels to comfortable shoes and still remain a lady. So, in the film “Personal Buyer”, which tells about the personal drama of stylist Maureen in the person of Kristen Stewart, she has the opportunity to try on stunning evening dresses from Chanel and Vionnet. And although on the screen she still combines them with sexy stilettos, in life, we are sure that the actress would choose a suitable image, but more comfortable shoes, in which she repeatedly appeared on the red carpet. For example, silver glitter sneakers, which can be found in Prego, paired with a shiny dress are suitable for any party.

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Movie: Cutie in Pink

Brand L.A.P.T.I. in collaboration with MOZGI Entertainment released a collection of colorful shoes with eloquent phrases from the songs Mozgi, Time and Glass and Michelle Andrade. We believe this is a great way to dilute your wardrobe this summer with a drop of irony and sunny colors. So, a pair of pink sneakers with embroidered drawings and inscriptions resembling notes from school notebooks will be the perfect completion of the old-school image in the spirit of Andy Walsh from the legendary cutie in pink. Saucy, hooligan, eclectic images of the film can serve as inspiration if you want to nostalgic for today's fashionable 80s and 90s.

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The others

Movie: Pulp Fiction

Another still cited image from that era is Mia Wallace's costume from Pulp Fiction. Despite dozens of variations on the theme of the first starring role of Uma Thurman, her choice of clothes in the form of cropped black trousers and a white shirt is now the basis of the basic wardrobe and the most win-win option when you do not know what to wear. In the famous scene where the heroine Thurman dances a twist in this outfit, she does it barefoot. But if you want to repeat the mysterious image in real life, then there is simply no other way to add a better complement to it than The others sneakers with a laconic black strap.

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Shoes bar

Film: “500 Days of Summer”

Airy, bizarre and feminine images of Summer from a romantic film, recognized even by hipsters, “500 Days of Summer”, fall in love with the main character and fashion critics. Flying dresses and a romantic cut blouse with bows, frills and a floral print in an azure blue palette can serve as an example for a variety of summer wardrobe. At least in order to have an unforgettable holiday romance. By the way, we recommend comfortable shoes to complement dresses, especially on vacation, which will allow you to walk on the beach and dance until the morning. White shoes with embellished spools by Shoes Bar are a great choice.

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