Made in Ukraine: pajamas from Ukrainian brands and films that you need to watch in them

Even if you are reading this text while sitting in the workplace, you are sure that your evening is still planned in a lazy post-holiday mode – under the covers, with stocks of New Year's desserts and watching emotional films. To make such a vacation perfect and look as spectacular on Instagram, you need bright pajamas, and, in fact, a light film that will leave a pleasant aftertaste on a winter evening. It is good that Ukrainian brands have suitable pajamas (which, by the way, can be a gift for you and your girlfriends for Christmas). And the list of films for them for the next week is attached.

Pajamas: Lavender Dreams

Movie: “Rent a Family”, 1997

We forgot how to enjoy the New Year holidays, observe family traditions and spend winter holidays the way we spent holidays at school – with carefree joy. Allow yourself to truly relax, nostalgic for the old days, ring up relatives and friends whom you have not seen for a long time, and also relax in the spirit of Hollywood classics – in red satin pajamas and watching a good but forgotten movie. Like, for example, a family picture about eternal values ​​“Family for rent”.

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Pajamas: Balcony Garment

Movie: Comet, 2014

In soft blue velor pajamas with a scattering of cute stars from Balcony Garment, you will feel as if you are hugging a cloud. Agree, isn't this the perfect dress code to allow yourself to lazily wallow in front of the screen for a few more days and cry over heartbreaking melodramas? By the way, if you have reviewed the entire list of New Year’s films and just romantic tapes, and are looking for something original, we recommend watching Sam Esmail's Comet movie. A beautiful picture, a non-banal plot and food for thought, looking at the starry sky, is guaranteed.

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Movie: “My Friend Santa Claus”, 2014

A pajama party is another fun way to spend an evening on Christmas Eve. All you need is to make best friends, order pizza (Olivier is already tired of everything) and choose a photogenic bright image. Colorful pajamas with an ironic inscription on the top are perfect. And as a movie for the evening, we suggest taking a closer look at the unstressed comedy “My Friend Santa Claus”. This is a kind of light version of "Bad Santa", filed with French charm and humor, where Santa is a robber, but not an alcoholic or a cynic.

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Pajamas: Melaya

Movie: “Exchange Vacation”, 2006

If your weekend, like ours, is over and your workdays begin, then you need pajamas in order to look stylish, but not defiant, in the mornings in the new year. Just like the heroine Cameron Diaz from the film “Vacation on Exchange” (if you didn’t look at this picture for some ridiculous accident, urgently correct the mistake!). Such pajamas are concise, with the correct cut and unobtrusive print, the Melaya brand has.

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Pajamas: Seven Eleven

Movie: Fake, 2018

In a home overalls with the eloquent inscription “Fu, what disgusting is yours 7 am”, you simultaneously flirt with the New Year mood, taking into account the phrase-reference to “The Irony of Fate”, and also express your life position. In such overalls, we can easily imagine the heroine Zoe Deutsch in the comedy "The Podstav". By the way, the film undeservedly passed the attention of a wide audience, although the romantic story about the relationships and difficult work schedules of personal assistants and their bosses is no worse than the classics, such as “Suggestions” with Sandra Bullock or “Shopaholic” with Isla Fisher.

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Pajamas: Pjm’s Crew

Movie: Ocean's Eight Friends, 2018

Lovers of fashion, glossy magazines and designer outfits will love the pajamas from the brand Pjm’s Crew, made in collaboration with Zacerkovnaya. An ironic hand-painted print, as it hints at you, is enough to lean on holiday dishes. As a last resort, stock up on useful desserts falling under the latest clean eating trends and watch Ocean's Eight Friends, a light comedy with a brilliant cast led by Sandra Bullock, who conceived a grand robbery right on Met Gala.

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Pajamas: Kotovich Lingerie

Movie: La La Land, 2016

The beginning of the new year is just the time when the festive charms have not yet weathered (like the bubbles in a glass of sparkling wine), and the inspiration to dream and set ambitious goals has not yet disappeared in the ruthless workdays. Therefore, it’s time to put on cotton candy velvet pajamas and review La La Land to remind ourselves of what we dreamed about and why these dreams are still real.

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Pajamas: WeAnnaBe

Movie: Lady Bird, 2017

Walking around the house in cozy and soft pajamas with a slightly childish print is an effective way to relax, as psychologists say, due to the fact that you feel like a child. It is in such frivolous memories that plush polka dot pajamas will be able to dip you. And also the retro comedy “Lady Bird”, which will remind you of the best years of youth, first love and awaken nostalgia for everything that we loved in our school years.

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