Made in Ukraine: floral motifs in dresses from Ukrainian brands

The fact that in spring along with landscapes around the prints on dresses bloom is a fashion trend. Therefore, among the collections of Ukrainian brands you can find floral motifs for every taste – large, small, colorful, laconic, abstract, realistic. Among all this diversity, we have chosen those that, in addition to everything, have something in common with the work of famous artists.


Picture: Gustav Klimt, "Country Garden"

Simple lines, simple print, but rich colors and mood of MustHave dress makes it recognizable, bright and adds spring colors to the image. Everything is like in the picture of Gustav Klimt “The Country Garden”.

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Picture: Jackie Tsai "War War War"

A more sophisticated floral print is presented by Byursе brand. He echoes the colorful birds and the work of contemporary artist Jackie Tsai. Open shoulders and a romantic cut allow you to go on any adventure in such an outfit – look for a new destination, dive into a spa romance or enroll in a dance class to somehow diversify your summer.

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Picture: Vincent Van Gogh "Oleander"

The ruffles, flying fabric, a combination of textures and a warm palette with a colorful print on Irina Dil’s dress resemble Van Gogh’s Oleander, which leaves no one indifferent. Your image will make exactly the same impression at any party, exhibition, dinner, travel – wherever you come for new acquaintances and sensations.

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Picture: Pierre Bonnard "Bouquet of flowers"

To make the morning positive and make the day more joyful simply with a dose of aesthetics. For example, a painting by Pierre Bonnard or a suitable dress in the same life-affirming colors as the artist’s works is the right vector in pursuit of a good mood.

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Picture: Andy Warhol “Flowers”

The print with bright splashes of orange will be an excellent universal outlet both for walks on the sea coast and for business marathons in the city. The exaggerated flowers on the dress resemble a picture of Andy Warhol and, like the artist’s creations, can belong only to those who are not afraid of high-profile statements in fashion and attract attention.

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Picture: Jim Dine "Suite of the Temple of Flora"

For those who do not like a colorful and clumsy print, the Vovk bernd has its own version of a floral dress – in a minimalistic black and white palette. Despite the stinginess of the shades, this pattern is more versatile than any floral still lifes. In such a dress, you will elegantly look at a working meeting, at a girlfriend's bachelorette party or at a cocktail. It's like paintings by one of the creators of pop art Jim Dyne – thanks to their laconicism, they will decorate absolutely any interior.

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The lace

Picture: Roy Lichtenstein “The bin”

For lovers of simplistic drawings in the style of cheerful pop art, The Lace brand has a suitable button-down shirt dress. It echoes the work of Roy Lichtenstein and is suitable just for all those cases when you do not know what to wear.

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Picture: Henri Matisse "Still Life with Flowers"

Nobody canceled the gentle pastel drawings this spring. Therefore, shades of sunset color are still in trend. A light translucent dress with embroidery, in which you can charm anyone, is in the collection of the Marsee’s brand. It will especially appeal to those who appreciate the Impressionist paintings and admire the color schemes of Henri Matisse.

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Picture: James Rosenquist "Sky"

Another suggestion for those who prefer not naive bouquets in clothes, but a graphic floral print – Grass has a colorful dress with the smell of flowing fabric. It is suitable to experiment with one of the hottest catwalk trends of the season – a combination of colorful designs in clothes with floral patterns. The main thing is to choose a consonant color scheme, as in the abstract work of James Rosenquist.

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Over the sea

Picture: Maria Primachenko "Peacock and flowers"

Sunny yellow is one of the main shades of this summer, so the Over the Sea boho-style silk dress is just what you need in the open season of festivals. Outdoor music venues, street fairs, beach parties. Only Maria Primachenko’s paintings could compete with such a color scheme. Therefore, you will not have a chance to be unnoticed even in the most populous place.

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