Made in Ukraine: Bags to Buy This Spring

Huge totes, discreet bags-chests, belt bags that have changed their status, as well as a saddle bag – we tell you which models of bags meet the trends set on the world's catwalks. And we choose the brightest samples among the creations of Ukrainian brands.

Giant bag

The XXL bag became one of the most noticeable trends on the world's catwalks and immediately received recognition from the girls for putting almost all their lives in it. From a laptop and work papers to sportswear, a roomy cosmetic bag and a cooked lunch of healthy products. So in the spring with such a bag it is convenient to go to the office, and in the summer – to the beach. A truly roomy bag can be found in the Raw Flaw brand, which is made of durable waterproof vegan paper and looks as “natural” as possible – in the spirit of today's time.

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Elegant waist bag

Waist bags refuse to leave the wardrobes, but this spring they no longer meet the sport-chic, becoming extremely sophisticated. Made of solid leather and complemented by an elegant strap, such bags from everyday life have become a necessary accessory for a business girl. The brand WOOWOOKI has an elegant model of textured leather, which will fit into the work bow, and is useful for traveling.

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Saddle bag

The saddle bag, which got its name from a shape with a rounded bottom that resembles a saddle, owes its second birth (after 2000) to the Dior brand. Now saddle has received many variations, which designers around the world embody in classic models, mini-versions, clutches and wallets. Laconic and original model with a handle-ring – another trend of this spring, we found the brand Rybalko. This is what can become an integral part of the brightest parties of the season.

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Bag briefcase

A bag with a clasp like in a briefcase is another significant trend for those girls who are looking for a balance between a strict corporate style and relaxed exits. Among the bags of Lesia Semi, you can find a model with a removable wide strap – a hit in the world of bags – and graphic colors in the current palette of sorbet.

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Keg Bag

In the spring, the bag-keg reached its perfect shape – an absolutely rigid cylinder, the volume of which immediately makes even the simplest bow unusual. If we choose such an accessory artifact, we would advise to be completely bold, and make uncompromising colors in the choice. The KOZHUHAR brand has an impeccable reading of a leopard print – a Masthova socialite.

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Woven bag

The onset of warm pores can be counted not by the calendar, but by the corresponding bows in instagram. The woven bag is one of these markers, so for several seasons in a row it occupies a leading position in the wardrobe of fashionistas. We suggest to meet this spring not only with a wicker bag in your hands, but also in a sunny range. For example, the Vis bag meets all relevant criteria at once, given the size, texture and color.

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Trunk bag

There are bags of one season, and there are models that are always relevant. Trunk bag with a solid geometric shape resembling a box, chest or box – one of them. Comfortable and roomy, it will help you maintain order in things and will not take up much space at the same time. You can bet on the classic nude color and then it will serve you for years. But this season we would venture to choose shades in the style of Barbie (celebrating the 60th anniversary this year) – from pink to purple, to be as bright as it-girls, like Kardashian sisters.

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Fur bag

We know what you think – the fur is already tired during the prolonged winter, and when the clouds finally dispersed, the last thing I want to do is add fluffy details to the image. Many brands, including Chanel, which have fur accessories in the spring-summer collection, could argue with you. However, we will not. Just note that MITUS-BAG has sleek astrakhan bags that can function in a wardrobe all year round and not cause associations with snow-covered landscapes. The clear round shape and rigid construction make the accessory ideal for exquisite evening exits, as well as for a daily crazy rhythm between home and flights.

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Bag art object

The most extraordinary girls – streetstyle stars, who build an image of more intricate details than the designer of the basic wardrobe, always focus on colorful, spectacular and unbanal details. Therefore, instead of a practical and time-tested bag over the shoulder, we see fantasy art objects in their hands. Accessories from the brand kofta will help to take an example from them and get a pass to the fashion chronicle. In his collection of bags there is a fruit and vegetable line, which blasts the mood of the new season. A pomegranate bag is our personal favorite. And yours?

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