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Parodies have always been a favorite genre of both comedians and their viewers. With the advent of social networks, this genre has migrated to the Internet and is experiencing a new birth. Now it’s hard to say what will turn out to be more popular on Instagram – a highly artistic photo of the famous actress in a chic dress or a parody shot made by a talented blogger. But now we can say that the latest fans are no less.

@celestebarber 2.1 million followers

Dopis, extensions Celeste Barber (@celestebarber) Lip 13, 2017 about 1:57 PDT

For some time now, every more or less popular model, filming for a magazine, does this with some caution. She knows that she runs the risk of becoming the heroine of the equally popular @celestebarber Instagram blog. Celeste Barber is a writer, actress, and stand-up comedian. A few years ago, she decided that glamorous pictures with attractive poses and unusual surroundings deserve to be repeated in “real life”. It all ended with the fact that today the skit of Celeste on Beyonce or Kim Kardashian instantly becomes almost more popular than the original.

@_emilife 235 thousand subscribers

Dopis, extensions Emi’s Life 🇮🇹 (@_emilife) Cher 1, 2017 about 5:04 PDT

What needs to be done to make your photo on Instagram reposted by Cara Delevingne herself? Right, spoof her. This is exactly what the Italian Emanuele Ferrari did, using spoons, forks and old CDs to repeat the image of the actress and model. Among his other “victims” are Rihanna, Bianca Balti, Chiara Ferragni, Emily Ratakovsky and many others. To create images, the guy uses everything that comes to hand – toilet paper, cookies, bread, pans … It turns out not only funny, but also informative – you can learn how to make a “designer” dress from kitchen utensils.

@brosbeingbasic 595 followers

Dopis, extensions Bros Being Basic (@brosbeingbasic) on 26 February 2017 about 7:03 PDT

Surprisingly, the fashion in the photo, in which the guys were shot in typical "girl" poses, was introduced by the girl. Ashley Hesseltine saw in her Instagram feed several posts with the hashtag #OOTD (Outfit Of The Day – Outfit Of The Day) and, as they say, raced. She invited her acquaintances to try to repeat the typical posts of social network users with relevant tags. So there were photos of guys in bathrobes at the spa, brutal men lying next to a waterfall, books and a cup of tea against the background of male legs. All photos of BrosBeingBasic are accompanied by the corresponding inscriptions: “I have been waiting for this all day # HotVanna warms not only the body, but also the soul” or “Always follow your heart, it will lead you to # beauty and # blessings of the whole world”. The blog has become so popular that T-shirts and other merchandise with logos and the most hit photographs are actively sold in the United States.

@waverider_ 1.3 million followers

Dopis, extensions Liam Miscellaneous 💧 (@waverider_) Ber 15, 2016 about 9:41 PDT

The true success of a blogger is not millions of subscribers, it is when these subscribers send a petition to Instagram if they block you. This happened to a young man named Liam and his super popular blog waverider_. Users never found out what caused the blockage, but they listened to their opinion, and today the young man continues to delight everyone with his parodies of stars. He calls himself "the version of celebrities from Walmart." It is not difficult for him to reproduce, with an accuracy of 90%, the image of a famous singer or actress. Moreover, it is so comical to make it impossible to look at real pictures later without laughing – Liam’s signature balloons will appear everywhere!

@tommylenk 285 followers

Dopis, extensions Tom Lenk (@tommylenk) Lip 22, 2017 about 2:20 PDT

Tommy Lenk is a real comic book superhero. He is a very popular actor during the day, and the Instagram phenomenon at night. On his blog – all the same parodies of the stars. True, Lenk specializes more in evening dresses and dresses, in which celebrities come to various ceremonies and gala evenings. Like colleagues, he prefers to mimic women, but unlike most, he has famous men in his arsenal. What is worth only his photo in the image of David Beckham!

@therealburrmartin 157 thousand followers

Dopis, extensions Burr Martin (@therealburrmartin) Lip 9, 2017 about 5:31 PDT

It’s one thing to mimic celebrities you’re not familiar with, or perhaps you will never meet in person. Another thing is your own daughter. Burr Martin is a strict but inventive father. When he discovered that his young daughter was posting photos in Instagram in sexual poses, he decided not to forbid her to do this, but … to “mimic”. When a plump and bald man in his age sent parody pictures in the form of a teenage girl to his friends, he did not suspect that the very next day they would circulate the entire Internet. Soon the number of subscribers to his blog exceeded five thousand, Burr realized that he simply had to continue, and now he could not be stopped. By the way, the daughter did not stop taking candid pictures – now they serve as an inspiration for dad!

@katecaseyca 17,700 followers

Dopis, extensions Kate Casey (@katecaseyca) Tra 23, 2017 about 3:47 PDT

It is very easy to be always beautiful, well-groomed and fresh when you are not burdened with worries. Try the same when you have four children! With such a promise, an American account Kate Casey started an Instagram account. On her blog, she reproduces images of celebrities and models in the circumstances of her real life. And since the four kids spend almost all the time with her, they are invariable heroes in the photographs. The girl almost immediately had thousands of subscribers who recognized themselves in her – it's not about actresses whom she parodies, but about ordinary women. For them, Casey became a real star that eclipsed real celebrities, so recently she even launched her own channel called “Real Life”, where she shares her worldly secrets.

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