Like a star: traditional wedding dresses from Ukrainian brands


In the midst of summer and the hottest wedding season, we chose classic and timeless options for wedding dresses from Ukrainian brands, which, as the example of stars shows, do not go out of fashion.


Designer Oksana Mukha founded her brand of wedding dresses when she could not find a suitable one for her own wedding. For those planning a ceremony in the open air – on the beach, in the tent, on the summer terrace of the restaurant or in the courtyard of their own home – a delicate dress flying in the wind, with bare shoulders, emphasis on the waist and unobtrusive decor on the hem is ideal. It can be an alternative outfit for those who chose the Meghan Fox wedding dress as their reference to their 2010 wedding ceremony with Brian Austin Green.

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Natalia tausher

A pure snow-white corset and a fluffy tutu are all that is needed for an ideal wedding dress that has not gone out of fashion since the release of the film “War of the Brides”. If you dreamed about just such a dress, make a choice in favor of the designer Natalia Tausher, who believes that this model of the outfit will be passed down from generation to generation.

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Stella shakhovskaya

The Stella Shakhovskaya brand is a family business with a long history, the new pages of which are filled today by designer Ekaterina Shakhovskaya, who created more than one “same” dress for the stars of the Ukrainian scene. The designer is accustomed to transforming modern Cinderella into true princesses, so her collections are recognizable by magnificent forms and generous decor. And if you have always imagined yourself as a bride in a fluffy doll dress with a playful pink tint, like Jessica Biel, for example, then the Stella Shakhovskaya collection is just right for you.

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If you are planning a wedding with a royal scale, respect for traditions and at least a hundred guests, then in your dreams you probably saw yourself in a dress similar to the one in which Kate Middleton became the Duchess of Cambridge in 2011. A fluffy, form-keeping skirt with a train, a tight corset and a lace top covering her arms and neckline. A variation on the theme can be found on the DOMINISS brand. By the way, the model name of this dress – Cathryn – also hints at a source of inspiration.

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La frress

For rock and roll brides who would like to add at least a touch of audacity to a classic wedding dress, a dress from the La Fress brand is suitable. The fragility of a pale pink corset and a multilayer tulle skirt is brightened by straps-straps and the same lacing on the back, creating the illusion of linen. It seems to us that in such a dress she could have walked under the crown of Gwen Stefani if ​​she had decided on a second marriage. Moreover, once she already bet on a combination of white and pink.

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If you adhere to conservative views on the wedding and rightly believe that the bride on the main day in her life should look truly magnificent, then you should consider the most elaborate dresses. For example, a model embroidered with baroque embroidery, a fitted dress with a removable fluffy skirt from ELENA VASYLKOVA. Sofia Vergara chose this silhouette a transforming dress two years ago for a sensational wedding with Joe Manganielo.

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Do you think that a wedding dress does not have to be a baroque robe, with an uncomfortable, but impressively long train, catchy design, expensive decor and car value? Then you can take a look at the airy midi dress from the democratic brand Unona. A similar silhouette outfit was chosen for her wedding by Keira Knightley in 2013, which shares the same views.

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For someone, a wedding dress is austerity, sexuality and femininity, then an impeccable restrained dress of a direct silhouette from velvet satin from the brand Armonia is what you need. A similar creation in a minimalist style was sewed for Eva Longoria last year by her friend Victoria Beckham. We have no reason not to trust their taste, so a dress without unnecessary details will definitely look advantageous on a confident girl.

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Cathy Telle

The Cathy Telle brand, which devoted one of the collection's dresses to the eternal icon of the Grace Kelly style, stands out with its uninvited look at classic wedding dresses. So, if for you an example of a dream dress from childhood was the image of Princess Monaco, then the modern designer interpretation of the legendary outfit will surely become the embodiment of your desires.

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If your version of a wedding dress is maximum simplicity and naturalness, bet on a dress in a linen style. This is the brand Anne-Mariée. Today, nightwear dresses are at the peak of popularity, and you certainly will not lose. In addition, such elegant outfits often choose top models for themselves as a wedding outlet – for example, Arizona Muse last month or Emily Weiss last year.

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