Life in pink: Instagram accounts in a pink palette

While millennial pink, rose pink and other shades of pink conquer fashion, the beauty industry, the gastronomic world and art galleries, we have found several colorful Instagram accounts in pink that prove that the colors in life still cheer up and make you look at the world differently.

@freyasfairytale 6896 followers

Addis, Freya Goodacre ☁🌸☁🌸☁ extensions (@freyasfairytale) 13 Lut 2018 p. about 1:30 pst

Freya Goodacre admits that in her life she does not always have enough magic, so she started her blog “Fairy Tale” and the corresponding account in order to share her rose-colored glasses with subscribers, through which she looks at the world. Therefore, her account is a cute photo of everything that the girl most adores: Disney fairy tales, Ladurée pasta, Too Faced cosmetics, roses, bows, glitter, a starry sky and, of course, pink.

@victoriasuzanne 9028 followers

Addis, Victoria's extensions – (@victoriasuzanne) 3 Tra 2018 r. about 4:16 PDT

Another blogger and pink lover Victoria Suzanne shows how princesses and feminists look like in the 21st century. Cute dresses, hats, bows, glasses, hearts – in such bows Victoria appears before her subscribers on the background of pink walls. And this is exactly what her account is most loved for – the girl shares the most photogenic places in New York, whose interior is decorated in a pink palette.

@xuzzi 264 thousand followers

Added, Xuzzi • Mr. Pink (@xuzzi) 13 Lip 2018 р. about 10:12 PDT

They say men do not like pink. But Jesus Castillo Ruiz proves that this is just a stereotype. He himself calls himself Mr. Pink, wears mostly pink-colored clothes and hair in tune, is photographed on his sister's reflex camera against the background of pink walls, balloons, sunsets in Paris and Disneyland.

@wildehousepaper 50,5 thousand followers

Addis, extension by koristuvuchy @wildehousepaper 22 Ser 2017 p. about 6:07 PDT

This account is the brainchild of American Megan Hdinger, who created a blog that would serve as inspiration for modern girls. In it, Megan collects everything that should interest them: art, design, natural beauty, sophisticated office, motivating quotes and everything that makes daily life a little better. These references can be found in the girl's account, which is painted in pale pink shades and therefore it looks even more cute.

@ihavethisthingwithpink 73.1 thousand followers

Added by Kyla Herbes (@ihavethisthingwithpink) 12 April 2017 р. about 1:32 pdt

Chicago designer Kayla Herbs also does not see anything that would prevent her from decorating the world around her in pink tones. Therefore, her account is an album of creative co-creation of various people who make beautiful, inspirational, unusual shots in pink color, often in art themes. They can be used as ideas or references in your own endeavors.

@thecraftedlife 44.9 thousand followers

Add, rashleniy Rachel Mae Smith (@thecraftedlife) 11 Gru 2016 p. about 4:53 pst

Rachel May Smith calls herself an author, traveler and color-enthusiast, so it’s not surprising that her page is probably the most colorful Instagram account. Despite the variety of colors in her photo, the main focus of the girl is still on shades of pink. And, unlike the previous bloggers, she chooses not a pastel or powdery palette, but a bright fuchsia. Starting from your own hair and finishing workplace design.

@creativeandcoffee 3080 followers

Added by Sarah Elizabeth (@creativeandcoffee) 20 Ver 2016 p. about 2:03 pdt

Anyone who loves pink color, coffee and is constantly in search of creative ideas will be pleased to meet in the ribbon photo account Sarah Elizabeth – the author of the blog Creative and Coffee, created for people who want to create masterpieces, but have not yet found a final solution. Therefore, Sarah’s account is filled with motivational phrases, invigorating coffee and beautiful photographs in pink to immerse you in a creative atmosphere.

@stellamariabaer 189 thousand followers

Addis, spreads Stella Maria Baer (@stellamariabaer) 12 Cher 2018 р. about 2:00 PDT

Stella Maria Beyer, an artist and photographer, chooses atypical shades in pink tones for her account. In her work, she is inspired by the human body, cosmos and desert landscapes, the clay of which is often painted in a salmon-pink color. Of these pigments, by the way, Stella even makes paint herself. And this same palette serves as the main tone of her account, where she shares not only her work, but also lovely photos with her son, family leisure, home interior and everything in which she herself sees beauty.

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