Lick fingers: Instagram accounts with delicious breakfasts

If you are tired of fresh oatmeal with coffee for breakfast or monotonous scrambled eggs, here are some inspiring accounts with inventive dishes, with the taste of which the day begins with a completely different mood.

@nourishmemum 34,5 thousand followers

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Addis, Ashley шир The Nourishing Mum (@nourishmemum) 18 Cher 2016 p. about 5:21 pdt

Ashley Collins from Australia calls herself a passionate fudi, and since her full day began to belong to three kids, Ashley’s healthy diet has become her main hobby. So, two years ago, she started a blog Nourish Me Mum and an accompanying account to it, where she shares with followers charming photos of not only delicious, but also healthy breakfasts. In addition, the preparation of cookies, pancakes and other desserts without sugar and gluten can be an excellent family hobby.

@breakfastcriminals 82 thousand followers

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Addis, extensions by Ksenia🗽 # BREAKFASTCRIMINALS (@breakfastcriminals) 24 Tra 2018 р. about 12:14 pdt

Another healthy food guru is Ksenia Avdulova, a yoga instructor at Tara Styles New York studio and the creator of the Healthy Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Criminals blog. “Three years ago I watched the film“ Food Matters ”and realized that the principles of healthy eating, which the food industry imposes on us, unfortunately, are not always based on good intentions,” says Xenia, answering the question of how in her life came the habit of healthy breakfast, which she now shares with the world through her account. Matcha, acai-bowl, pizza with cauliflower, brown rice puddings, pancakes with beets and avocado – on the page of the girl you can find many recipes for unusual flavor combinations, as well as recommendations for building a healthy diet.

@whatforbreakfast 420 thousand followers

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Added by Marta Greber (@whatforbreakfast) 6 Qui 2018 p. about 3:05 pdt

A very atmospheric account is owned by Marta Gerber – the creator of the blog What should I eat for breakfast today? She herself says that morning is the highest quality time of the day, and breakfast sets the tone and mood for the whole day, so you should pay close attention to what you eat. According to Marta, breakfast should be a pleasant ritual to benefit, and consist not only of delicious food, but also be accompanied by good music, reading an interesting magazine, and conversations with loved ones. As a travel lover and a true hedonist, Martha shares on her blog breakfasts that will make you get out of depression and love life.

@eggoftheday 3570 followers

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Addis, Egg of the Day extensions (@eggoftheday) 14 Lip 2016 p. about 2:52 PDT

This account will appeal to those who since childhood are convinced that a good and hearty breakfast is scrambled eggs, scrambled eggs or another egg dish. Remember how in the comedy "Runaway Bride" Julia Roberts, the heroine could not decide exactly how cooked eggs she likes? And to determine the favorite, she had to try many options. So, if she was subscribed to this page, she would definitely find her favorite egg dish. Egg sandwiches, avocado with egg, taco pizza with egg, crisp bread with egg baked inside, salads with yolks – here there is such a variety of recipes and ideas that you can eat an egg every day, and this ingredient won't bother you at all.

@toastsforall 125 thousand followers

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Addis, Zeynep Dinc (@toastsforall) 3 Zhov 201 p. about 4:29 pdt

Another traditional breakfast for modern residents of big cities is a toast with coffee or tea. Sympathy, crisp and cooking speed made this dish a record among the most popular breakfasts, not only at home, but also in favorite cozy places. But, again, if you are bored with a few familiar toasts, then an account with the saying name Toastsforall will help you find the most unusual flavors and new tastes that suit you personally. With peanut butter and strawberry jam, with grapes and caramelized onions, with avocados, peaches and basil, with feta cheese, pumpkin and greens. Have you ever suspected such flavor compositions?

@symmetrybreakfast 793 thousand followers

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Added, SymmetryBreakfast / Michael Zee Syndrome (@symmetrybreakfast) 22 Ver 2018 р. about 8:12 PDT

This account was born out of love. Its author Michael Z has dedicated himself to his boyfriend Mark and the preparation of joint breakfasts, which he does not miss, despite the early rise or hangover. Cooking breakfasts, which Michael serves with obsessive symmetry, quickly gained popularity in social networks, and in the thematic blogs they found the definition of twin breakfasts. Michael assures that he cannot get away on business, he does not eat tasty and satisfying at home, so he carefully draws up the breakfast menu for the week, draws inspiration from the cookery of different countries, and makes preparations for dishes from the evening. The guy admits that he is often asked if he is crazy, given his love of cooking and symmetry. But Michael says with a smile that he is just in love.

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