Learn a lesson: films about teachers who are touched by everyone

Today, October 5, more than 100 countries celebrate World Teacher's Day. We decided that this was an excellent opportunity to, first, write a message to your favorite teacher and say “thank you”. And, secondly, to finish the week by watching good films about the years of study, where we can recognize ourselves not only in confused students, but also in touching teachers. We did without sensational paintings in the collection, such as the Society of Dead Poets or the Substitute Teacher, which you probably already saw. Therefore, we hope to surprise you with movies that (unfairly) have passed by the wide attention of the Ukrainian public.

"Miss Stevens" (2016)

Usually, teachers appear on the screen as wise mentors who see the best in their students and sooner or later make a person from even the most unruly teenagers. Indie drama "Miss Stevens" shows that the teacher is also a person, with his fears, loneliness, lack of self-confidence and fear of what awaits him further. It is such a fragile and shy young teacher Miss Stevens who, of course, hides her indecision behind mock optimism. She volunteers to support her three students, and goes with them to the main state theater festival. In this little journey, everyone wants to find support in each other's face, and Billy, in love with Miss Stevens, even tries to take care of the teacher, in which he, despite everything, sees just a friend with the same problems as herself.

“I am a teacher” (2018)

Much more confident in her vocation is Naina Mathur – the heroine of Indian history about school. And this is despite the fact that she suffers from Tourette syndrome, because of which she often becomes an object of ridicule and is not taken seriously not only by children, but even by adults – the school administration does not take the girl to work. And even her own parents do not believe in the success of her daughter in the profession. But by chance, she still gets the class of the most difficult guys, who were assigned to an elite school. Of course, the teacher's nervous tick becomes an additional reason for the little villains to powder it. But Naina does not give up, trying to stay on the same wavelength with teenagers, laugh at herself with them and convince them that here, in a society where they are treated like garbage, they are not strangers at all. And on the way to a dream there are no obstacles, even if it comes to physical deviations.

“Devil's Handsome” (2016)

The fact that in the class, as in any large team, each is predetermined role – someone handsome star, and someone white ravens – no one's secret. And adolescents belonging to different social strata usually do not even intersect, so as not to disturb the school system — a balance where everything functions in that order. But those who have settled in the same room of the boarding school are a single outlaw and a handsome athlete who are forced to unite and make friends in order to break all the rules and achieve victory. The charismatic teacher who came for the replacement, who himself hides a certain secret, but is used to go against social rules, helps them in this. A separate bonus for the audience is that Andrew Scott, the most charming screen Moriarty from the Sherlock TV series, played the role of mentor.

“Writers of Freedom” (2006)

Another story about how a teacher completely changed the fate of his class is the adaptation of Erin Grubel’s book The Free Writers' Diary, based on real events. It was in 1994, when a long-time English teacher came to Long Beach, a town famous for riots and gang warfare, for which work is a true vocation. For many of her charges, English was not even their first language, and most of them were not sure that they would survive in their criminal everyday life until they graduated from school, or from school they would not go directly to prison. But Erin Gruell, with her unshakable faith and efforts, was able to give them a second chance, having affected their fates, which opened up with new perspectives. No wonder that teachers require a miracle, and when a miracle is accomplished, no one is surprised.

"High School: Worst years of my life" (2016)

In high school, where the 13-year-old Rafe came a newcomer, all attention is paid to discipline. Here you can not laugh, talk loudly, eat on the go and not even create video clubs based on your interests. Any manifestation of creativity here is also not encouraged. But when Rafe, who is fond of drawing comics, is caught hot, and the director drowns a notebook with his drawings in acid, the guy decides to take revenge on this inhuman place and his manager in the most creative ways that his imagination is capable of. On his side there is only one adult – the teacher Mr. Teller, who is willing to sacrifice his own position, if only his students do not stop creative and creative manifestations.

"Exam for two" (2013)

The comedy “Exam for Two” shows how the story about teachers and students can be told quite differently, as if in a different language. Not that there was no cliché in this film, they are simply more of romantic comedies than instructive dramas about teenagers lost in life. In the center of the plot is a member of the selection committee, Polly Nelson, in whose life nothing interesting has happened for a long time. But suddenly John Pressman appears in her – a good guy who founded his alternative school to educate his adopted son. He not only awakens his parents' feelings in Polly by his own example, but also helps to cope with her own, when an unusual young man appears at the university who happened to be her long lost son. Can a good teacher be a good parent and vice versa?

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