Jonah Hill shared how weight influenced his style: “Being overweight is hard to dress the way you want.”

Jonah Hill before and after losing weight

Jonah Hill became famous in the mid-2000s. At that time, the star of the films “Macho and Nerd”, “Superbad” and “A Little Pregnant” was firmly entrenched in the role of a kind, overweight, merry fellow – these were the characters Hill first embodied on the screen. However, in 2011, John decided to lose weight for his own health and with the help of a trainer and nutritionist, to date, he has been able to lose about 50 kilograms in total.

Jonah Hill before losing weightJonah Hill before losing weight

Jonah Hill now
Jonah Hill now

Jonah Hill recently unveiled his own collection of apparel and footwear, which he created in collaboration with adidas. On this occasion, the 36-year-old actor gave an interview to the American GQ, in which he not only talked about this collaboration, but also how losing weight in general changed his usual wardrobe. Hill admitted that he always loved bright colors (and they prevail in his line of clothes) and was interested in fashion, however, due to excess weight, he could not always wear what he wanted.

I have always been interested in fashion, tried to develop a sense of taste. But there was one problem: I was a very big guy. When you are overweight, it is not easy to dress the way you want. Many things are just not meant for your figure. Some people are still very surprised by my transformation. I am still not always recognized.

I needed to understand and feel myself. It was difficult to decide whether I was big or small. It seems to me that now many people are faced with this problem. At some point, I realized that you just need to be yourself. You don’t need to pretend to be someone. If you are really interested in fashion, then do not push it away, but just make it a part of your life,

– said John in a new interview.

Jonah Hill before losing weightJonah Hill before losing weight

Hill also said that at the beginning of his career, when he weighed 50 kilograms more than now, he simply could not afford to associate his life with fashion – all because of the image of a large-sized character entrenched in the eyes of the public. However, at some point, John stopped focusing on the opinions of others, believed in himself and finally allowed himself to do what he really wanted:

It seems to me that I have always been limited by my acting career. I played in the comedies of a typical overweight funny guy: in such circumstances, I definitely could not connect myself with fashion. When I first started acting, everyone laughed at what was happening in the fashion industry, and I loved it all. When I decided to star in dramas, everyone around me told me that it was not mine, and advised me to remain a comedian. Then I went against it.

When I wanted to become a director, they began to dissuade me again, they did not believe in me. However, I didn’t care anymore. I was told the same thing when I started experimenting with style. Once I realized that no one dares to forbid me something. I will do what I like. In such moments, you do not pay attention to the reaction of others, but simply enjoy the moment.

Jonah Hill nowJonah Hill now

Jonah Hill before losing weightJonah Hill before losing weight

The actor noted that he was pleased with his cooperation with adidas, and also admitted that in the future he dreams of creating his own clothing brand. Hill’s newly launched apparel and footwear collection is mainly composed of oversized pieces, warm down jackets and an updated version of the classic Superstar sneakers. According to Jonah, these things will perfectly fit into the wardrobe of people in quarantine during this difficult period of the coronavirus pandemic for all mankind.

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