In the style of Peppy: the funniest socks in Ukrainian online stores

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The times when fashionistas made sacrifices, putting on shoes or sandals on their bare feet, when the snow had not yet had time to leave the streets, fortunately, almost passed. In the coming spring, shoes paired with contrasting socks are one of the main trends of the season. It remains only to collect a collection of bright pairs of socks – and the world will lie at your feet. Moreover, we are ready to tell where to find the most original and cheerful copies.

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Having started talking about bright socks and Ukrainian manufacturers, one cannot but mention the Sammy Icon brand, founded four years ago by friends Alexei Malytsky and Philip Litvinov. The guys were looking for funny socks for themselves, and when they realized that they could not be found in Ukraine, they took up this business themselves. Now their socks are sewn in the factories of Ukraine, Russia, China and Turkey. Today, Sammy Icon has become synonymous with colored socks, with the exception of the Swedish brand Happy Socks. The main hit of the brand, thanks to which they were remembered even by those who did not know the name of the brand, were mixed socks – for example, with the image of bacon on one and scrambled eggs on the second. Or on one monkey, on the second – bananas.

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Happy socks
Since we mentioned the Swedish brand Happy Socks, we note that in Ukraine there is an official representative office of the brand with the Socks Happy online store where you can buy colorful pairs of socks. It is worth saying that the heroine of the brand’s advertising campaign is 95-year-old Iris Apfel, one of the brightest representatives of the fashion industry in the literal sense of the word. The shocking old woman became famous thanks to her love for outfits with the most daring color combinations and the same catchy accessories. Needless to say, in Happy Socks you can find any motley colors of socks – from hearts, birds and ice cream to completely psychedelic patterns.

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The brand 77par from the Khmelnitsky region is engaged in the production of slippers and socks, and at the same time relies not only on a bright palette, but also on really ironic prints. Therefore, if you are looking for socks with humor to laugh at your best friend – you are here. Here they are even with the print of toilet paper rolls. And most importantly – even with such a provocative pattern, they do not look vulgar.

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More conceptual socks can be found at Tago, known for his collaborations with Ukrainian designers. The brand’s last collaboration was a joint collection with the Rustovit brand, which included laconic black and white socks with eloquent inscriptions “I am your warmth” and “I will warm you”.

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The most creative in the design of socks were Clew manufacturers. Inspired by the era of pop art, personalities of contemporary artists and works of art, they offer socks with the most incredible colors – from the image of Mona Lisa and the Girl with a pearl earring to the portrait of Frida Kahlo and iconic symbols of Andy Warhol's work. Socks, with which you can not only become a trendsetter, but also fill in the gaps in art history – isn’t you need an accessory in your wardrobe or an ideal gift for March 8?

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Sklad showroom
Lviv Sklad showroom also offers outstanding sock models from Ukrainian designers, and can deliver your favorite pair to any corner of the country. Despite the wide selection of things in the showroom, our main find remains a pair of socks with a picture of a sad drinking cat. Agree, a pet with a glass of wine in his paw is the most topical illustration of modern life.

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Bow tie house
Accessories brand Bow Tie House, whose stores are presented in Kiev, Odessa and online also offers boring little things that will help to dilute any strict monotonous everyday look. Actually, the section on the store’s website is called “Funny Socks”. There are touching socks on the subject of animals – with the image of cats and dogs that peek directly from behind the heel. And for geeks and hipsters, for example, there are socks with surprised faces, glasses, colored crosses and other funny patterns.

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In addition to other clothes, the KAPKAN Shop also offers several brands of socks that perfectly complete the topic of seals and seem to be called upon to say something or remind of something important to their owner. What do you think?

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