How to pass the time in traffic

How to make hours spent in traffic jam less unbearable? Honestly, no way. With this phenomenon, residents of the big city just need to come to terms and try to spend the time spent on the road with benefit for themselves and in harmony with themselves. How to do it? We are telling.

Answer phone calls

How many times a day do you drop calls from relatives during a busy day? How many times do you say to your friends: “I'm sorry, busy, will I dial in an hour?”, And still do not call back? How many times do you promise a colleague to call back to discuss a working draft and think about it already late at night, lying around at the TV? Social networks take up a lot of our time, and less and less of it remains for lively conversations, at least by telephone. Therefore, even skeptical residents of megalopolises have a belief, like Indian monks: if in the morning at rush hour you get stuck in traffic, it means that the day before you forgot to call your mom back. Thus, the heavenly forces themselves took the time in your busy schedule to listen to parental instructions.

Make a to-do list

The secret to successful people is that they do not neglect planning. How to do everything on time, keep within the allotted 24 hours and not forget about anything? You just need to carefully plan everything. The problem is that busy people never have time to plan. And until they find him, they have no chance of becoming successful. Hint: Make good use of time in traffic jams. Take the phone, turn on the recorder and dictate in great detail everything that you would like to have time for today. Having said all the tasks aloud, you will arrange them in your head, and if you miss something, there will always be a voice crib in your pocket. In a traffic jam on the way home, by the way, you can listen to your morning recording to check if you have done everything. And if not, analyze why something failed. Here is such a time management life hack.

Get out of the car

If you have nothing to do, do something useful – cleaning is perfect. This rule works great both at home and at the wheel. If you find yourself barricaded in your own car somewhere in the city center, it's time to put things in order in your thoughts and in the car. Finally, collect all crumpled checks after refueling, glasses from McDrive coffee and take-away lunch bags, and arrange the discs scattered in a chaotic order. Believe me, this will add a bold plus to your karma and restore your reputation at the auto dry cleaning.

Make gymnastics for the face

If you somehow find time for a couple of hours in the gym, then the 15-minute gymnastics for the face before going to bed which for a month in a row remains ignored. But warming up the muscles of the face is no less necessary than pumping the press in the gym so that the skin is elastic, the oval of the face does not float away, and wrinkles were afraid to even stutter about their appearance. But because of laziness and fatigue, or all together, it seems to us every night that today we are not yet getting old. But tomorrow – we’ll definitely not extend gymnastics. So: in vain you think so. So young, as today and now, you will never be. Therefore, in order to save face, it is important to do exercises daily. And traffic jam is an ideal place for this: there is a mirror, a lot of free time, and no one to be shy, nobody will see your antics anyway. Well, or he will see and continue on his way with a slightly more elevated mood. What's so bad

Take a look around!

Traffic jams are a great opportunity to open your eyes wide and look around. In the literal and figurative sense. No seriously! Pay attention to how many places you need on the way to work and back. Have you seen a new inconspicuous cafe with healthy food, a dry cleaning service, which you happen to drive past every morning, or promotional French courses that you have been looking for in the city for the second month? All you need can be much closer than you think. You just need to stop and look around.

In general, take a note: if you do not want to stand in traffic jams and always be late, get behind the wheel late in the evening. Believe me, this sounds wild only at first glance. In fact, business meetings, shopping and walking with friends are much more convenient to spend in the evening, when there are few people around, there is no fuss, queues, parking is free, and the lights of the night city inspire new achievements.

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