Golden peach is the most fashionable hair color of the coming season

At the beginning of the quarantine, there was a pastel pink shade in favor (how many stars have made such a coloring for themselves, do not count). Now the trend is a slightly warmer color – golden peach. Colorists tell you how to choose a peach shade to match your skin tone, whether it is worth experimenting with home coloring and how to keep it in perfect condition.

Pastel coloring has been at its peak in popularity over the past few years. All you need is to scroll through Instagram: many stars and bloggers have dyed their hair in pastel shades of orange and pink at least once. The reason for the popularity of these colors is probably because they suit almost all skin tones. This fall, strawberry blonde has been replaced by a peach one, it can be so difficult to achieve, and even more difficult to maintain. Experts talk about a new beauty trend.

The shade should be chosen according to your current color. If you have jet black hair, you will get a darker orange color, and light blondes can achieve a shade of “pastel rose gold”. – says the hairdresser Bianca Bruno.

Semyon Malikov, creative partner of L’Oréal Professionnel, art director and manager of the Else Style salon, says that color dyeing is a global trend.

However, not everyone is ready to dye purple or blue, while golden peach is more “wearable”. It is for those who want to stand out from the crowd, show that he is in trend, but not look freaky. Basically, it’s just a light copper shade. He is not crazy, not provocative, so he will suit almost everyone. The only thing you need is for the skin to be close to perfect, without inflammation and redness: otherwise the whole image will look reddish. But for girls with pale skin, this shade will be very refreshing,

– the expert notes.

It is better to do this staining with a stylist. First, you must first lighten the hair: only then the color will be pure. The effects will differ depending on the background lightening.

Secondly, there are many shade options, it needs to be matched to the skin tone. The color can be warm, close to golden (if you have tanned skin, brown eyes, freckles), or cool, close to pink (if the skin is light, or, conversely, in contrast to tanned). It can also be a bright glowing neon,

– says Semyon.

Keep in mind that if you are a brunette and your ultimate goal is a bright peach color, then it will take several visits to the hairdresser (otherwise, you can seriously damage your hair). But how to make the color interesting and not “flat” and lifeless? It is better to mix many shades: a combination of two colors (pink and orange) is not enough to create a voluminous color.

How to care for a peach shade?

The advice is banal, but effective. Schedule a visit to the hairdresser often (every three to four weeks). To prevent premature discoloration and keep your hair shiny, buy a nourishing mask and heat protection spray. Use a gold-based shampoo (which is similar to purple shampoo for blondes), it will help keep the shade warm without turning it into an ash blonde.

Not ready for a radical beauty transformation – then a temporary dye is suitable, which will be washed off after 10 shampooing procedures. Powermix Cuirve cream booster, L’Oréal Professionnel with copper pigment, Angel Masque intensive care mask for colored hair, Kevin Murphy or Chronologiste hyaluronic acid mask, Kerastase will support the color.

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