Glossary of trends: fashionable terms worth learning this season

Nick-Knight-Dec-2008-2-vogue-24feb14-b "width =" 1572 "height =" 1226 "srcset =" /Nick-Knight-Dec-2008-2-vogue-24feb14-b.jpg 1280w, 2-vogue-24feb14-b-670x522.jpg 670w "sizes =" (max-width: 1572px) 100vw, 1572px "></p><p>Glossary of trends: fashionable terms worth learning this season<br /> If you have been following the events of the world and local Fashion Weeks for the past few months, starting the day with viewing fashion chronicles, consider yourself a guru in online shopping and, in general, you are interested in everything related to style and appearance, you should definitely study new ones terms in current trends. We have chosen the most interesting, funny and relevant definitions that are already present in the vocabulary of Western bloggers and editors. We see no reason to lag behind them. So, remember!</p><p>Lampshading / Lampshade Silhouette</p><p>Fashion insiders began to call the term “lampshading” look when a voluminous sweater, t-shirt, bomber or sweatshirt covers the lower part of the image, exposing its legs, which resembles a lampshade in silhouette. Despite the fact that such an image looks very homely – in this form we prefer to sleep, get sick or wander around the house – street style fans joyfully picked it up and have already begun to interpret it in their own way. The most daring it-girls combine it with over the knee boots, but such a solution advantageously works only on owners of model legs and good taste – who knows exactly what suits them and how not to look vulgar about it. Other girls are experimenting with a silhouette-lampshade in casual style, combining long sweaters with sneakers.</p><p style=lampshading2308 "width =" 400 "height =" 604 "srcset =" 400w, https: // 23-59. 397w "sizes =" (max-width: 400px) 100vw, 400px "></p><p style=Vetements

The Peekaboo Bra

The name of this trend is already flirting with us – “reekaboo” translates as “hide and seek”. In fact, this trend offers, as if by chance, to uncover a tiny piece of a bra – a piece of lace or a centimeter of a strap playfully looking in the neckline, giving the image of femininity and sexuality. But in this case, again, you need to be cautious, and not to cross the thin line like lace underwear between attractiveness and obscenity. To do this, first of all, choose the right bustier, combine it with a not too defiant top and take care not to show too much. Remember, you should be like Audrey Hepburn if “Tiffany's Breakfast” was filmed these days, and not Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman” before she became the bride of a millionaire.


Urban outfitters

Dad Fashion / Dad's Fashion

No, this trend does not mean that you should share your wardrobe with your father. Bloggers gave this definition to their outfits, which consisted of comfortable unisex things with a nostalgic flavor that we could find in our parents' closets if we looked well: birkenstocks, baggy jeans, vintage print t-shirts, old-school sneakers. Everything that would make us look like those young and ambitious young people in black and white photographs that we carefully store in dusty albums. The advantage of such clothes is that for us it works like a time machine, and for others we look modern and “timeless”.

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Groutfits / Gray Outfit

The name of this trend was born from two components – “gray” (“gray”) and “outfit” (“outfit, clothes”). It's not hard to guess that this is a total look in gray. “50 shades of gray” – under this heading, glossy editions teach the basics of “grautfit”. Mods enthusiastically took up the exploitation of this trend, perceiving it as a challenge. For those who carefully monitor their own style, it has become a matter of honor to show imagination in detail and to prove that putting on a stack of gray things, you can look completely boring. A mix of textures, shades and a game with details – this is what will make your groutfit a role model and allow you to stand out from the same gray mass of a big city.



Neckssorizing / Neck Accessories

Like the previous term, the concept of “neckssorizing” arose due to the merger of the two words – “neck” (“neck”) and “accessorizing” (“complementing the image with accessories”), from the translation of which one can already understand what this trend means. Narrow scarves, neckerchiefs, bandanas, chokers – any options, except for traditional jewelry, like a necklace. The most popular of these accessories was still a narrow scarf-tie, casually tied around the neck, the long ends of which can flow to the waist or even to the knees. Such a scarf-strip makes the look complete, like a ribbon tied to a gift – without it, the box looks somehow inferior, no matter how colorful the wrapping paper is.



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